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Level 3 Apprenticeships: A Promising Pathway to Launch Your Career

Embarking on a fulfilling and successful career is an aspiration shared by many. For those seeking an alternative to traditional academic routes, Level 3 apprenticeships provide an excellent opportunity to kickstart their professional journey. Combining practical experience with structured learning, these apprenticeships offer a unique pathway that equips individuals with valuable skills, industry knowledge, and a head start in their chosen field.

Benefits of Level 3 Apprenticeships

Hands-on experience

Level 3 apprenticeships prioritise hands-on experience, enabling apprentices to learn through real-world world application. Unlike purely classroom-based learning, apprentices actively engage in their chosen profession, working alongside experienced professionals. This immersive learning environment allows apprentices to develop practical skills, gain industry-specific insights, and understand the nuances of their field from the very beginning.  

For example, our Level 3 apprentices in Software Development, Information Communication, and Cyber Security undergo comprehensive training at our cutting-edge Advanced Digital Academy (ADA). This exceptional facility and our team of expert lectures equip them with industry-specific knowledge, skills, and behaviours, which they can readily implement in their workplaces. By continuously advancing their expertise, our apprentices make a significant impact within their organisations.

Earn While Your Learn

One of the most enticing benefits of apprenticeships is the ability to earn the wage while pursuing qualifications. Apprentices are paid for their work, which not only provides financial independence but also instils a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility early on. By combining earning with learning, apprenticeships offer a viable alternative to traditional university education, allowing individuals to gain valuable experience without accumulating student debt.

Industry Relevance and Employability

Level 3 apprenticeships are designed in collaboration with employers which ensures that curriculum is relevant to the needs of the industry. Apprentices gain skills and knowledge directly applicable to their chosen field, enhancing their employability upon completion. For example, 9 out of 10 GC apprentices remain with their employers upon successful completion of the training programme.

Our employers value apprenticeships as they provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of their industry and the company’s culture making them attractive candidates for permanent job opportunities and career progression.

Professional Networks

During their apprenticeships, individuals have a unique opportunity to build their professional network within their industry. Working alongside experienced colleagues and connecting with like-minded peers during their days at the College, apprentices can establish valuable relationships that may prove instrumental throughout their career. These networks offer mentorship, guidance and future career prospects.

Personal and Professional Development

Level 3 apprenticeships not only focus on industry-specific technical skills, but also emphasise personal and professional development. The structured nature of apprenticeships ensures continuous learning and growth, equipping individuals with a well-rounded skill set that can be applied across various roles and industries. For example, our Business Administration Level 3 apprenticeship is a great stepping-stone into the exciting world of business. It is a versatile programme that equips apprentices with the essential knowledge of working in the office, boosts their confidence and develops important hard and soft skills – all aimed to set them off for a successful career in business.  

Clear Career Progression

Level 3 apprenticeships can serve as a perfect stepping stone to higher level qualifications or progression within the chosen field. The knowledge and experience gained during the apprenticeship form a solid foundation for future career advancement. Whether it leads to a higher apprenticeship, university study, or immediate employment, Level 3 apprenticeships open doors to a range of exciting opportunities and professional growth.

Level 3 Apprenticeships at GC

We offer many Level 3 apprenticeship qualifications across a wide range of industries.

Business and Professional Services

  • Assistant Accountant Level 3 (AAT)
  • Business Administrator Level 3
  • Customer Service Specialist Level 3
  • Digital Marketer Level 3
  • Marketing Assistant Level 3
  • HR Support Level 3
  • Team Leader/Supervisor Level 3

IT and Cyber

  • Information Communications Technician Level 3
  • Software Development Technician Level 3
  • Cyber Security Technician Level 3

 Construction and Motor Vehicle

  • Building Services Engineering Craftsperson Level 3
  • Carpentry Level 2
  • Electrical Installation/Maintenance Level 3
  • Plumbing and Domestic Heating Level 3
  • Surveying Technician Level 3
  • Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician Level 3


  • Engineering Technician (Technical Support - Electrical) Level 3
  • Machining Technician Level 3
  • Engineering Technician (Technical Support - Mechanical) Level 3

 Education and Early Years

  • Early Years Educator Level 3
  • Teaching Assistant Level 3


  • Hospitality Supervisor Level 3
  • Dental
  • Dental Nursing Level 3


  • Advanced Hair and Creative Professional Level 3

To view the whole list of our apprenticeships from Level 2 to Degree and to download programme factsheets, visit here.

For more advice and information, contact our Employer Training & Apprenticeships team on or 03455 1552020.

Check out our Apprenticeship Vacancies page, which gets updated with open apprenticeship vacancies with Gloucestershire-based employers.


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