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OFSTED is the inspection body for schools, colleges and universities in the UK. Our most recent overall rating was “Good”.


The latest report noted our strongest features including:

  • Learners' positive attitudes
  • Support for learners and apprentices
  • Lecturers' strong subject specialist knowledge
  • Response to local skills needs in cyber, construction and engineering

Highlights include:

“Learners and apprentices have a positive attitude towards their learning. They behave well, provide helpful support to each other in lessons and respond well to the direction given by tutors.”

“Learners and apprentices value the high levels of support they receive from their tutors and student mentors. As a result, learners learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours that prepare them well for further education, training, and employment.”

“Tutors use their extensive experience of working in industry not only to create a relevant and valuable curriculum but to bring their lessons and resources to life with contemporary examples and projects that reflect the work learners aspire to do.”

“Senior leaders work effectively at a strategic level with a range of external stakeholders. This has enabled leaders to respond well to the local skills needs in cyber, construction and engineering by developing further the curriculum offer for apprentices.”

“Leaders are highly committed to the community that they serve and provide educational and training opportunities that otherwise would not exist."


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