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The Board of Gloucestershire College is the governing body of the College, responsible for shaping the education and future of its students. Its members work to create the best possible environment and opportunity for all who work at and learn with the College.

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Our Board of Governors is responsible for the direction of the College in the following areas.

Strategy: Governors determine the College’s strategy and monitor its implementation through support and constructive challenge.

Performance: Governors scrutinise the performance of management against agreed objectives, with a particular focus on the quality of provision and financial health.

Risk: Governors satisfy themselves that performance information is accurate, and that financial controls and systems of risk management are robust and defensible.

Resources: Governors ensure the College is financially solvent and makes efficient use of its publicly funded resources.

People: Governors are responsible for determining appropriate levels of remuneration for senior post-holders (senior members of the executive team and the governance professional), and for appointing and, where necessary, removing them.

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By joining the Board of Governors, you can contribute to our diverse and dynamic organisation. You will help to shape skills development to meet the needs of employers and local industry. Your work will change lives. 

We encourage applications from all sections of the community. 

The College is committed to ensuring all individuals are valued and work in a safe environment, promoting the ethos of safeguarding and equality, diversity, and inclusion in all our practices. We expect all Board members to share this commitment. 

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