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Enrolment: Your Guide to Join GC

Software Apprenticeships at Gloucestershire College

At Gloucestershire College, we offer a range of specialist software apprenticeships.

We know that professionals with a high level of programming and coding skills are in demand across the country. We help businesses to grow their own tech talent in-house through apprenticeships.

Our quality software apprenticeships are trusted by a wide variety of local and international businesses to train current staff and new recruits for their software developing teams.

Our expert trainers have a great deal of flexibility to deliver training that is tailored to meet your needs. For example, four software developers on the same programme could all be learning different programming languages such as JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic. NET and Python, depending on what they need in their role.

Software Development Technician Apprenticeship - Level 3

Who is this programme for?

Anyone aged 16 or over can complete our Level 3 Software Development Technician Apprenticeship. Perfect for both new recruits and current employees who are looking to upskill, this apprenticeship is a great way to train and bring invaluable coding and programming skills into your business.

Ideal for insurance, finance and e-commerce companies who offer digital services and solutions to customers or who require bespoke internal systems.

A Software Development Technician typically works as part of a software development team, building simple software components such as web, mobile or desktop applications.

This Level 3 programme provides a direct pathway onto our Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship.

If you are looking to hire new tech talent for your business, our Business Hub team can help you recruit.

What will the apprenticeship cover?

The apprenticeship will develop competencies including:

  • Logic and writing code
  • Security principles
  • Development support
  • Data linking to database types and embed data queries within their code
  • Testing and analysing code to identify errors
  • Designing software tests
  • Analysing data to ensure they can meet the customers’ requirements
  • Development lifecycle

Once completed successfully, the apprentice is recognised for entry on to the register of IT Technicians confirming SFIA Level 3 professional competence.

Download our fact sheet for more information

Software Developer Apprenticeship - Level 4

Who is this programme for?

Our Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship programme provides apprentices with a high level of technical skills and knowledge, ideal for aspiring senior developers within your organisation.

In order to complete this programme, apprentices should have completed our Level 3 Software Developer Technician Apprenticeship or have the equivalent experience built up from working in the job role.

This programme is an advanced level and is perfect for organisations looking to upskill and progress current employees into more senior job roles.  

What will the apprenticeship cover?

Our Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship will develop competencies including:

  • Software development lifecycle and methodologies
  • Creating a user interface
  • Problem solving, testing code and analysing results to correct errors
  • Designing and creating data models and software designs
  • Understanding and creating basic analysis artefacts
  • Building, managing and deploying code into enterprise environments
  • Applying maths (algorithms, logic and data structures) in software development

Apprentices will work towards a Microsoft Certified Professional qualification (MCP) or certified qualification in a language such as C++, PHP or Hadoop as part of their apprenticeship, in conjunction with a knowledge module.

Download our fact sheet for more information

Software Tester Apprenticeship - Level 4

Who is this programme for?

Our Level 4 Software Tester Apprenticeship programme provides apprentices with a high level of technical skills and knowledge, ideal for aspiring senior testers within your organisation.

In order to complete this programme, apprentices should have experience of working in software in previous or their current job role.

This programme is an advanced level and is perfect for organisations looking to upskill and progress current employees into more senior job roles.

What will the apprenticeship cover?

Software Testers will design and prepare test plans and conduct software testing. This apprenticeship will ensure professionals have a good understanding of the software lifecycle and software development practices in order to complete their role successfully.

The apprenticeship will develop competencies including:

  • Implementing software testing procedures
  • Reviewing software requirements and specifications for functionality and security
  • Designing test strategies
  • Analysing test requirements and designing and preparing test plans
  • Developing and collecting represented and realistic test data
  • Assessing test results against expected results
  • Presenting and communicating results effectively
  • Operating the organisation’s software testing tools effectively following procedures
  • Complying with relevant legislation
  • Operating within service level agreements

Apprentices will work towards an International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) Tester (Foundation Level) qualification as part of their apprenticeship.

Download our fact sheet for more information

NEW Digital and Technology Solutions (Software Engineer) Degree Apprenticeship - Level 6

Who is this programme for?

Ideal for progressing Level 3 Apprentices, BTEC or A Level school leavers, this degree apprenticeship provides an exciting and challenging career pathway to become a Software Engineer. Through this apprenticeship, professionals already working in Software can develop and grow their engineering skills to build a successful career at a senior level. 

In this degree programme, apprentices will learn how to design, built and test high-quality software solutions.

The software engineer role is broader and with higher levels of responsibility than a software developer as they need to apply engineering principles to all stages of the software development process, from requirements, analysis and design, development and data requirements whilst ensuring security robustness is built in. They will typically be working as part of a larger collaborative team and will have responsibility for significant elements of software projects.

Whether you are looking for new software talent for your business or would like to upskill existing staff, our Business Hub team are here to help. 

What will the apprenticeship cover?

Our Level 6 Digital and Technology Solutions Software Engineer Degree Apprenticeship will develop competencies including:

  • Building networks and digital systems
  • Writing programmes
  • Analysing malware
  • Identifying threats and undertaking risk assessments
  • Designing secure systems 
  • Managing intrusion responses

Contact our Business Hub team for more information:

Experience ADA

Our IT and cyber apprenticeships are taught from our state-of-the-art training centres including ADA: The Advanced Digital Academy. 

Located in the heart of Cheltenham's cyber community and bringing industry and education together, ADA is the hotspot for developing tech talent.

  • Brand new £3m training facility
  • Off-grid attack and defence room
  • High-spec computers
  • Agile work spaces

How is the training delivered?

Our IT and Cyber apprentices are grouped in exclusive cohorts with fellow apprentices from other like-minded businesses. The theory of our IT & Cyber programmes is delivered in block release on campus, supported by our team of expert assessors and trainers who visit apprentices in their place of work to help them put the theory into practice.

What will it cost?

  • If your company has less than 50 employees and you take on a 16 to 18-year-old, you are entitled to receive the training completely free of charge.
  • If you are not a levy payer, (your wage bill is less than £3 million) you will contribute just 5% of the total cost of your apprenticeship training, the Government will pay the remaining 95%. 
  • If you pay the apprenticeship levy, we can support you to maximise your levy strategy and make the most of funding on offer. You can use your levy funds to bring in new talent to the business, or upskill existing employees and help reduce skills gaps.   

Our experts in our Business Hub team are here to support your business and offer guidance about how you can maximise funding for apprenticeships. Get in touch to arrange a free consultation with one of the Business Hub team today.

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