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27TH MAR 2024

New Construction Centre Builds the Way for Apprenticeships 

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Gloucestershire College New Construction Centre Announces Apprenticeships
Gloucestershire College New Construction Centre Announces Apprenticeships

Building is currently underway for our eagerly anticipated £5.2 million Cheltenham-based construction centre. Set to open its doors in autumn 2024, the centre is poised to become the local destination for training the next generation of trade professionals.

The initiative aims to deliver high-quality full-time and apprenticeship programmes designed to meet the evolving needs of the local construction and trade sectors. With CSN projections indicating a substantial demand for skilled workers, 6,400 people annually by 2025, the new Cheltenham construction centre emerges as a key solution to bridge the skills gap and equip learners with the tools and skills they need to thrive in the industry.

The construction centre is purpose-built and boasts 10 plumbing bays, 12 electrical bays, and 20 carpentry bays, alongside bespoke classrooms and existing trade facilities. In addition to this, learners are supported by expert lecturers, many of whom maintain active roles in the field. 

Apprenticeships delivered at the Cheltenham construction centre

At GC, we offer an extensive range of apprenticeships. We work closely with employers across the county to meet the skills needs faced by industry sectors through work-based training. The apprenticeships delivered at our Construction Centre include carpentry, groundworks, and electrical with the following apprenticeship standards: 

  • Groundworker Level 2 
  • Carpentry Level 2 
  • Carpentry Level 3 
  • Electrical Installation Operative Level 3 

Construction and Trade Apprenticeships

In addition to this, we also have apprenticeship programmes that run alongside these in our existing facilities. Training and apprenticeships also taught at GC include: 

  • Property Maintenance Level 2  
  • Bricklaying Level 2 
  • Plumbing and Domestic Heating Level 3 
  • Surveying Technician Level 3 
  • Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction T Level 

The brand-new construction centre will be the hub of construction and trade training in the local area, bringing like-minded and motivated people to develop traditional and progressing skills in a supporting and expert-led environment. Regardless of your age and current skill level, if you're prepared to dive into the industry and gain sought-after skills employers are actively looking for, explore our construction and trade courses here for more information. 

Construction and Trade courses at GC


Construction and Trade Apprenticeships for Employers

Are you an employer looking to recruit or upskill existing staff? Now is the perfect time as we gear up to September 2024 starts to get in touch with our dedicated apprenticeships team for a no-obligation consultation.  

There’s only one way to get the team you want. Build and develop it. We're here to support you through the apprenticeship process to ensure you can get the skills your organisation needs. 

Construction and Trade Apprenticeships for Employers

Construction and Trade Apprenticeships for Employers