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12TH APR 2021

Employer case study: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Tewkesbury - HR Apprenticeship Success

Employer Training and Apprenticeships
Employer case study: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Tewkesbury - HR Apprenticeship Success
Employer case study: Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Tewkesbury - HR Apprenticeship Success

Gloucestershire College proudly partners with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions as their apprenticeship training provider. We caught up with Tony Collingwood, General Manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Tewkesbury to find out why HR apprenticeships have formed an essential part of their business. Read more here.

Why did you choose Gloucestershire College as your apprenticeship training provider?

As a growing business with a wide portfolio of products across numerous industries, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (TSS) in Tewkesbury has a variety of training needs. Gloucestershire College is an ideal partner due to the range of apprenticeships offered and the support provided to the students. The teaching approach, along with on the job experience, ensures that the apprentices get the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to perform in the business. 

We have worked with Gloucestershire College on a number of occasions across Leadership and Human Resource apprentices at varying levels. I have always been impressed by the core topics taught on the courses and how they are related to real world experiences. It enables the students to fully appreciate how the techniques they are learning can be applied to get the desired results in the workplace. 

How have apprenticeships benefited your HR team and the business as a whole?

Our HR apprentices have grown in confidence during the course, and it has enabled them to take on larger and more senior roles in the business. The knowledge acquired and the network they have gained certainly helped during the Covid-19 pandemic. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Tewkesbury remained open to continue producing products for key industries during all the lockdowns. This would not have been possible without the support, skills and experience of our HR team.

Tell us about how apprentices can progress in your business.

Trelleborg is a global business with operations in over 50 countries and that creates opportunities to advance. More locally, the growth that we are seeing in TSS Tewkesbury, due to entering new markets and launching new materials creates new roles and opportunities on a regular basis. The people that have had the commitment to complete an apprenticeship will often have an advantage when applying for these roles. It is also important for the apprentice to discuss career aspirations and training needs regularly with their line manager, so that the business can support the individual to meet their goals.

Would you recommend investing in employee training and apprenticeships to other Gloucestershire businesses?

I fully support the apprenticeship approach and it fits in very well with other training solutions such as our graduate program and internal training courses. Not only does it help to fill gaps in knowledge, but also provides a key foundation of skills that can help to drive improvements and productivity across the business. Gloucestershire College is an excellent provider for HR related programs, as well as others, and I would thoroughly recommend them. The teaching is excellent and the support provided to the students ensures that the maximum benefit is achieved for both the individual and the business.

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Awarded ‘Gloucestershire’s Apprenticeship Training Provider of the Year 2020,’ Gloucestershire College is committed to delivering excellence for our apprentices and employers. Our Level 3 and Level 5 HR apprenticeship programmes have a range of start dates throughout the year and we can help you recruit an apprentice free of charge.

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