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Razia Patel

Science, Access to Higher Education

Cheltenham Campus

I chose to study Access to HE to enable me to study for my degree in physiotherapy at university.

Razia Patel

The combination of biology, physics and psychology in the science pathway provides good foundation knowledge for a career in this field. My course tutors exude genuine enthusiasm about their teaching, which inspires me to love what I am studying.

GC as a whole takes a real interest in the aspirations of their students and is accommodating to personal and work commitments, whilst also exercising the right amount of discipline for students to ensure they adhere to their academic commitments. I am excited about becoming a physiotherapist.

It took me many years to figure this out and I could not have started my journey in a better environment! The study skills sessions in particular, and frequent contact with my personal tutor, has helped transform my dream into a real journey. It’s not impossible to have aspirations as a mature student and, as long as you are determined to succeed, then GC will help you start your journey – all you have to do is take the first step.