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Matt Dee

Digital Forensics and Cyber Security, HND

Cheltenham Campus

I have always had a strong attraction to computing as a whole, as it was one of the subjects I really excelled at during my time at Bournside School and had an interest in.

Matt Dee

I came to Gloucestershire College in 2016 as a Level 2 Computing student before progressing onto Level 3 Forensic Computing & Cyber Security which was a two-year course. We learnt how to detect attackers, how to ethically hack a system and pen testing.

I progressed onto the Computing HNC (Level 4) and HND (Level 5) Digital Forensics and Cyber Security. This covered setting up networks, connecting and managing devices on a network, managing computer systems, coding and programming in JavaScript, Python and C#, website development, security and access levels, and business technology.

We also do forensic investigation practicals which involve us wearing full forensic suits, masks and gloves to examine a crime scene where a system has been hacked. We look everywhere for potential evidence including looking into the computer system and take it apart if we need to. Once we gather the evidence we will analyse it and take a file image for us to investigate before drawing up conclusions as to what might have happened and how.

Studying at Gloucestershire College was one of the best decisions I have made in terms of my education and setting me up for my future career. It’s made me realise what field I would like to go into. I’d like to have a career in cyber security or forensics. With the Golden Valley Development bringing the new cyber park to Cheltenham there will be so many opportunities with lots of technical advancements coming from the area.

I would like to go onto be a Level 6 Cyber Degree Apprentice with a local company studying at Gloucestershire College.