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Lewis Beves

Cooking, Level 2

Forest of Dean Campus

“The best thing about the course is that I can earn money whilst I train, as I am doing my apprenticeship working with my Dad. It means I don’t get into debt like I would have done going to University.

Lewis Beves

I applied to study at Gloucestershire College because of the cooking course option, as it’s something I am really passionate about. It runs in my family, my Dad runs a catering business and my Grandmother had her own restaurant.

My dream career is to be a professional chef and maybe even own my own restaurant or catering business. The skills and experience I gain on the course in the kitchen will all help towards that. I think if someone is thinking of applying to the college they should definitely do it, it’s worth it and has been really beneficial to me. After I’ve finished this course I want to go on to the next level (L3) and continue to work with my Dad with his catering business. “