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17TH APR 2024

Adult Education: How we can support your aspirations

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Adult Education at Gloucestershire College
Adult Education at Gloucestershire College

Whether you want to develop your career, gain new skills, or pursue a passion, our diverse range of adult course options allows you to achieve your goals.

Adult Education at Gloucestershire College

Our Adult Open Evening is the perfect opportunity to meet our friendly academic and support teams, such as those from access to higher education, ESOL, online courses, student services, and learning support, who will be on hand to answer all your questions. You'll also get a taste of what we offer and discover our range of facilities, including industry-standard workshops, bespoke salons, and fully-equipped computing labs. 

You can even apply on the night where our staff will guide you through the application process and support you with any available financial assistance. 

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We've compiled all the types of courses that adults can study at GC below. Find out more about what they entail, the different study methods and courses available. 

Part-time College for Adults 

College is not just for teenagers. We support thousands of adult learners every year who decide college is right for them. College allows learners to take advantage of our industry-standard facilities, support teams, and expert lecturers with years of experience in the industry. 

Did you know you can even study part-time? Many of our adult learners study part-time at college to fit in with their commitments and daily life. You may also be eligible for student funding, depending on your circumstances. These courses are perfect if you are looking for a career change or to upskill in your current field.  

Part-Time Courses for Adults 

Apprenticeships for Adults 

An apprenticeship offers individuals the opportunity to gain practical skills and knowledge in a specific industry while earning a wage. 

Adults often choose to do an apprenticeship when they're seeking a career change or looking to advance within their current role. Apprenticeships can be a more feasible option for those who may not have the financial resources to attend college or university full-time, and employers can benefit too! 

Like many of our adult apprentices, it's possible to complete an apprenticeship with your current employer, providing a clear pathway for career progression and skills development. 

At Gloucestershire College, we work with over 1,300 employers to provide bespoke support for you and your employer throughout the apprenticeship. 

Discover Apprenticeships for Adults

Professional and Short Courses 

In today's fast-paced world, short courses provide an excellent opportunity for individuals to pursue their desired qualifications while managing other commitments. We offer AAT courses that help kick-start your accounting career from entry-level to Level 4. 

Other courses available include teacher training, counselling, access to higher education, and more to support your personal and professional development. 

Professional Short Courses

Online Courses 

With multiple commitments and a busy daily schedule, online courses offer a convenient way to learn and gain a nationally recognised qualification. Online courses are taught through webinars or video lectures delivered over the Internet. This allows you to benefit from expert tuition and dedicated support without the need to travel to campus. 

Gloucestershire College offers a variety of online courses with free 24/7 support allowing you to study at your own pace in areas such as business, health and social care, well-being, accounting, and digital marketing. Discover the full range of free online courses. 

Free Online Courses 

Evening Courses 

Evening courses are precisely what their name suggests. These recreational courses encompass a range of activities, including painting, languages, photography, physical activity, crafts, and more. 

Many individuals join our evening courses to reduce stress, build social connections, and pursue hobbies that bring personal fulfilment. This also offers a welcome break from the demands of work and study, providing an opportunity to focus on personal interests and passions. 

Explore Recreational Courses 


We are here to support you throughout all stages of your career journey. Our employability courses are designed to equip aspiring professionals with the latest knowledge and skills to upskill you in the workplace. 

View Pre-Employment Courses

Adult Open Evening 

If you're aged 19 or over, join us for our Adult Open Evening on Wednesday, 19 June 2024, to discover our range of courses and programmes available at our Cheltenham, Forest of Dean, and Gloucester campuses. Book your place, mark your calendars, and we'll see you there. 

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