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27TH APR 2023

Why Study a Customer Service Industry Course: Gloucestershire College

Customer Service Industries
Customer Service Industries

Customer Service industries are the backbone of the UK, and you can be part of it.  

If you are considering a career in customer service, we have courses for you to choose from including;  

- Barbering Courses 

- Beauty Therapy Courses 

- Catering and Hospitality Courses 

- Hairdressing Courses 

- Make-up Artistry Courses 

Look beyond dated stereotypes and find your fit today.  

Why do people work in the barbering industry? 

In recent years, the barbering industry has exploded. You may be wondering why there has been a huge resurgence in popularity; barbershops have become a hub of activity, attracting a loyal customer base with a newfound appreciation for the skill involved in turn and meeting individual needs.  

Haircuts aside, the sense of community a barbershop can provide can be of a huge comfort to its customers. It’s a place to catch-up, unwind from a stressful day and share stories in a friendly, familiar environment, which can be a huge support for many people.  

There’s a lot more to barbers than meets the eye, and their popularity will not be fading any time soon. Interested? Find our barbering courses here 

Why study beauty therapy course? 

For hundreds of years, people have wanted to look and feel their best and thought up new idea on how to do just that. Beauty therapy is always evolving, meaning there is always new techniques to learn to keep things fresh.  

A career in this industry provides flexibility; if you are freelance, you can create a schedule which suits you and even work from home. As people are becoming more focused on health and wellbeing than ever before, this sector is steadily growing with plenty of job opportunities available to those who want to help people look and feel their best.  

Are you ready to nail down a career? Apply for a course in beauty therapy today.  

What are the does a career in Catering and Hospitality look like? 

There is a lot more to this vibrant industry than you may think. In recent years, the catering and hospitality industry has been at the forefront of embracing new technologies, making it even more accessible for consumers. Not only this, sustainability is a huge focus with many businesses becoming early adopters of eco practices such as supporting other local businesses by using locally sourced ingredients, reducing single use plastic and selling un-used food at the end of the day in bulk, rather than throwing it away.  

This sector is thriving and is hugely important to our economy and is one of the mot inclusive and diverse sectors; it also pays pretty well too.  

If you want to be involved, apply for your place on a catering and hospitality course today 

Interested in a Hairdressing course? 

Did you know there were more than 46,000 hair and beauty businesses operating in the UK in 2021? Not only that, 3110 of those businesses were operating in the southwest 

Some of the reasons why hairdressing in the UK is so popular is the education and training that runs through the core of the industry. All qualified hairdressers undergo intense training to become talented professionals; this is just one of the reasons our campus salons mirror real, working environments.  

Hairdressing is not just cutting and styling, you are there to help make customers feel their very best. This skill does not come easily; however, we are here to help you get to where you need to be.  

If you are looking to be a cut above the rest, you can apply for our hairdressing courses online 

Why employment opportunities are there in make-up Artistry?  

What do Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGraph and Lisa Eldridge have in common? They are all internationally renowned MUAs who started out here, in the UK. With the rise of social media, there has been increased demand for MUAs globally, creating a vast array of employment opportunities.  

Pop culture has had a huge role to play in the rise of make-up artistry. From magazines like Vogue, streaming services like YouTube and Tik-Tok and TV channels such as BBC Three, people are becoming more aware of the skill, talent and creative flare it takes to be an MUA.  

This industry offers endless growth, continuous development and pallet loads of self-expression.  

If you want to challenge yourself and join an exciting and rewarding industry, check out our makeup course here.