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14TH JUN 2022

Meet Natalia, Business Administration Apprentice at Hub8

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Meet Natalia, Business Administration Apprentice at Hub8
Meet Natalia, Business Administration Apprentice at Hub8

Our Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship is a great stepping-stone into the exciting world of business. It is a versatile programme that equips you with the essential knowledge of working in the office, boosts your confidence and develops important hard and soft skills – all aimed to set you off for a successful career in business.  

We caught up with Natalia Tarnawa, our 2nd year business administration apprentice at Hub8 to find out about her journey so far.

What made you choose to do an apprenticeship?

“I completed my A-levels and wanted to stay in further education. After researching universities and their learning format, I could not find a course suited to my practical style of learning so I researched alternative education options and found that an apprenticeship learning style with practical work experience would be the best for me.”

What is the best benefit of your apprenticeship?

“I think one of the best benefits is being treated like a working adult in a real job. This apprenticeship allows me to be responsible for my own study time. This freedom has motivated me to study more and put more effort into my studies. An additional plus is that I am being paid alongside the length of my course, which will benefit me overall as I am able to be financially independent and I can put monthly money away into a saving account for when I am older.”

How is your assessor at Gloucestershire College supporting you through your apprenticeship?

“My assessor has been incredible. She took into consideration my previous struggles with mental health which have affected my ability to complete work and attend shifts/school. She assured me I had full support and she would be able to contact my employer if needed, providing useful resources and information on support I could get and I feel safe to ask any question I need.”

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship in your industry?

“Absolutely! Business management and administration roles are incredibly beneficial to understanding the basis of how a business is run. This allows you to gain experience in any field of interest as every business needs backstage support. Business administration builds upon your professional conduct, customer service skills, and dealing with customer data to a legal standard. It is incredibly beneficial for the real world and can be applied to a variety of other jobs.”

What are your career goals for the future?

“Ideally, in the future, I would like to apply my experience and qualifications to start my own business in my field of interest. I would love to work with my own team of people who are experts in their field and to be able to manage the business myself.”

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