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30TH MAY 2022

Employer case study: E G Carter - Investing in home-grown talent

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Employer case study: E G Carter - Investing in home-grown talent
Employer case study: E G Carter - Investing in home-grown talent

Regional building contractor E G Carter delivers a comprehensive range of building and construction services throughout the Midlands, South and South West. Sectors include commercial, retail, healthcare, country homes, public buildings, education and leisure.

We spoke to Joshua Carter, Managing Director at E G Carter to understand why apprenticeships and training is important to them and how Gloucestershire College plays a part in their company.

Why does E G Carter take on apprenticeships / upskill existing staff through apprenticeships?

For over 50 years, employer lead and industry-based learning has served us well and is the bedrock our team is based on. We utilise our existing experienced team to mentor and guide new starters within our industry.

Within your organisation, what roles do apprentices have and how do they progress in your business?

Our apprentices have an integral role within our company by rapidly gaining experiences, growing in confidence and increasing their responsibilities. Many of our senior managers began their careers with us as apprentices or management trainees.

Has the apprenticeship program been beneficial to your business?

The continued investment in the future with the employment of apprentices and management trainees has been of great benefit to our business. Home grown talent upholds ethos, morale and ensures that values of our company remain consistent and integral from generation to generation.

What type of qualities is important to you in an apprentice?

For us, politeness and a positive attitude to the opportunity we are providing.

Would you recommend investing in employee training/apprenticeships to other Gloucestershire businesses?

Yes, absolutely. The future of our business and industries relies on it. It is the best form of training available.

If you are interested to find out more about Construction & Building Services apprenticeships with Gloucestershire College, visit the page here. Or contact our Employer Training & Apprenticeships Team on 01452 563400 or email employer.training@gloscol.ac.uk