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Meet Robert Papps, Lecturer in Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance at GC


We're gearing up for the September 2022 starts of our Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance apprenticeship at GC. This month, we caught up with Robert Papps,  Lecturer in Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance, to see what inspired him to work in the industry and why he enjoys teaching apprentices.

Rob, how did you get into teaching?

“I have been with GC for 10 years, and prior to that, I spent 7 years at Ford, 17 years at Volkswagen (9 of which as a Master Technician). At Volkswagen, I was tutoring apprentices, which I really enjoyed. I wanted to pass on my experience and knowledge, to make a difference – teaching allowed me to do that.”

What apprenticeship programme do you teach?

“I teach the Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Level 3 apprenticeship, where I take my learners on a journey from knowing very little, to being able to diagnose and rectify quite complex electrical problems using state-of-the art diagnosis equipment. Learning at College makes 20% of the standard, the remaining 80% is obtained and mastered at the employer’s side. This way, the apprentices can put all the learning from College into practice at work.

"At GC, we are training the future of the motor industry. Currently, there is such a shortfall of skilled technicians, and our apprentices bring the most current skills set to their employers.”

What’s the best part of your job?

“Seeing the spark is the best part; seeing my apprentices gain understanding"

What makes a good car mechanic?

"There’s a mixture of things, but ultimately, it’s the curiosity to take things apart and understand how they work; plus a good grasp of maths and English."

What advice can you give to aspiring apprentices?

"Be proactive. Go round all the garages in your area and see if there are apprenticeship opportunities. If you can’t do it, come and join a full-time course at GC which will help you get ready for the apprenticeship.”

If your business is interested in training a motor vehicle technician apprentice, find out more here, or contact the Employer Training & Apprenticeships team on 01452 563400 or email



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