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Motor Vehicle Apprenticeships at Gloucestershire College

Training the future of the automotive industry in Gloucestershire.

Introduction to motor vehicle apprenticeship training with Gloucestershire College

When it comes to motor vehicle apprenticeships, we have years of experience developing new talent. As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, utilising motor vehicle apprenticeships is an ideal way to bring new skills into your business. At Gloucestershire College, we are proud to work with employers across Gloucestershire and the South West to deliver automotive apprenticeships, training the motor vehicle industry's future.

Known as the go-to provider for Gloucestershire apprenticeships, our Light Vehicle Technician Apprenticeship underpins traditional mechanic skills and values whilst readying motor vehicle apprentices for an ever-changing industry. Automotive technologies will continue to progress but the problem-solving and analytical mindset our apprentices develop will last a lifetime, providing invaluable skills for the future of your business.

If you are looking to hire a motor vehicle apprentice for your business, choose Gloucestershire College as your training provider with confidence. Our mechanic apprentices learn in exceptional facilities mentored by industry professionals and supported every step of the way by our expert team.

Get in touch today to hire a motor vehicle apprentice or keep reading to find out more about our motor vehicle apprenticeship, the process of how to recruit an apprentice, our facilities, and the support given to apprentices and our partner employers.


Open to both new and current staff

Already have an apprentice in mind? We can get them signed up. Our apprenticeships are open to new and existing employees enabling employers to upskill their workforce and future-proof their business with current and new skills.

 How to recruit a motor vehicle apprentice for your business

Looking to recruit a new apprentice for your business? You’ve come to the right place. Our apprenticeship vacancies consistently attract a high calibre of outstanding, diverse candidates including both young and more mature individuals with previous experience, graduates, school leavers and career changers all enthusiastically looking to join a local business like yours.

We understand that when it comes to recruitment, it’s all about finding the right fit. That’s why our expert apprenticeship team listen carefully to the needs and requirements of your business before carefully and diligently matching you with potential apprentices. Think of us as a recruitment agency who handle to whole process for you from advertising to shortlisting and pre-interviewing, but without any of the fees!

Just like with hiring any other employee, you will have the final say on who you recruit. Your apprentice will have a contract of employment and will have the same responsibilities and entitlements as any other team member.


Ready to bring new talent into your business? Contact our team today to recruit an apprentice.


Training delivery for our Motor Vehicle Apprenticeships

When you recruit a motor vehicle apprentice with Gloucestershire College, they will be with you in your workplace from day one. We know the best way for apprentices to learn is through hands-on experience in the real working environment. With day release to College every week, apprentices will apply their learning and develop their skills from the very start, combining both theoretical and practical abilities.

Level 3 Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship programme details

Our motor vehicle apprenticeship covers the repair and maintenance of all types of light vehicles. Whether your company is a dealership that focuses on a particular manufacturer or an independent garage that works with many different makes of vehicles, we can support you with apprenticeship training.

Motor Vehicle apprentices will develop a range of skills from replacing parts through to solving complex faults using our modern diagnostic equipment, test rigs and range of makes and models of cars in our workshops, including hybrids.

For more detail about our Level 3 Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship, download our fact sheet below or simply get in touch with our helpful team with any questions.

Starting in September 2022

Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Level 3 Factsheet

Our facilities in Gloucester for Motor Vehicle Apprenticeships

Our amazing motor vehicle facilities and workshops at our Gloucester campus provide apprentices with the optimal environment to train and learn, mentored by seasoned industry experts. We have the latest diagnostic kits, specially designed rigs and a wide variety of makes and models of cars for apprentices to work on. If you take on a motor apprentice they will thrive in our impressive facilities, honing their skills to bring into your workplace.

"At GC, we are training the future of the motor industry. Currently, there is a shortfall of skilled technicians, and our apprentices bring the most current skill set to their employers.” - Robert Papps, Lecturer in Motor Vehicle Service and Maintenance at GC

Supporting you and your apprentice

We take the learning and development of each of our apprentices personally with dedicated support for our partner employers and learners.

Support for employers with motor vehicle apprentices

Whether you have one, two or 10 motor vehicle apprentices with Gloucestershire College, we provide each apprentice and each of our employers with all the support needed for success.

Right from day one, we listen to our employers to understand your needs and skill requirements while our expert apprenticeship team are on hand to answer any questions about apprenticeships or our motor vehicle programme. We can handle the whole recruitment process for you and connect your business with the brightest up and coming talent.

Your training coordinator at the college will be your point of contact, keeping you updated on your apprentice’s progress with regular workplace visits and working with you to meet goals and objectives.

Support for motor vehicle apprentices

Motor vehicle apprentices at Gloucestershire College will be part of apprentice-only cohorts. We keep our cohorts small on purpose to maximise one-to-one with our expert lecturers and tutors. As a cohort of link minded individuals all looking to make their mark on the automotive industry, our apprentices thrive through peer learning and establish a support network of connections.

Apprentices have access to our team of automotive industry experts at College with years of experience. On hand to answer any questions, our tutors work with apprentices to solve real-word problems and help them to apply their learning to find solutions.

As well as receiving academic support, as part of the Gloucestershire College community, apprentices have access to all of our campus facilities, pastoral care and resources.

Each and every apprentice is assigned a training coordinator who will visit your workplace regularly and will work both you and your apprentice track their progress and provide any support needed. Should there be any challenges, concerns or questions during your apprentice’s time with us, your dedicated Training Coordinator will there to support you both.

Costs and funding to recruit a motor vehicle apprentice

Using the Apprentice Levy and government funding

The apprenticeship training for your motor vehicle apprentice will be completely free if your company has less than 50 employees and you take on a 16-18-year-old.

If you are not a levy payer (your wage bill is less than £3 million), you will contribute just 5% of the total cost of your apprentice’s training and the government will pay the remaining 95%. 

If you pay the apprenticeship levy, we can support you to maximise your levy strategy. You can use your levy funds to bring in new talent to the business, or upskill employees through apprenticeships and help reduce skills gaps.   

Contact us about Motor Vehicle Apprenticeships

To become an apprentice, recruit a motor vehicle apprentice or to enquire about our automotive apprenticeship training for your current employees, get in touch with our team today by completing the contact form below. Our expert apprenticeship team can offer no obligation advice for apprentices and your business.

Frequently asked questions from employers about recruiting motor vehicle apprentices

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  • I need apprentices for accounting, business administration, HR or Marketing. Can you help with this too?

  • When will my apprentice be able to start work?

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