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DevOps Engineer Level 4 Apprenticeship

Any organisation that builds or operates modern IT services can benefit from the Devops Engineer Apprenticeship Level 4, from tech start-ups through to government departments and multinationals.

Enrolling now for February 2024

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DevOps Engineer Level 4 Apprenticeship

What is DevOps?

DevOps is not a specific technology, but a tactical approach, which looks at closing the gap between software development and IT operations - the two critical but often misaligned efforts. The aim is to overcome the challenges created when development and operations teams work in silo by adopting collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement in the software development lifecycle.

Benefits of DevOps to Businesses

There are many benefits businesses can reap by having a DevOps function in there organisations, some of which include:

Faster Time to Market

DevOps practices streamline the software development and deployment process, allowing businesses to release new features, updates, and products more quickly. This can help companies respond to market demands faster than competitors.

Improved Collaboration

DevOps encourages collaboration between development and operations teams, breaking down silos. This fosters better communication, cooperation, and a shared responsibility for the entire software lifecycle.

Competitive Advantage

Organisations that embrace DevOps can stay ahead of competitors by delivering new features and innovations more rapidly, attracting and retaining customers. DevOps practices promote adaptability to changing market conditions and customer preferences, ensuring businesses can pivot quickly when needed.

DevOps Engineer Level 4 Apprenticeship for your business

The broad purpose of the occupation is to enable a wide range of public and private sector companies to get valuable working software out in front of active users.

For both external and internal, frequently and safely, reducing time to market, delivering increased value - both with respect to the end user and the business - and improving the quality of digital services. 

Ideal for: Automation engineer, DevOps Engineer, Full stack Developer, Site Reliability Engineer

Duration: 24 months, plus End Point Assessment 

Delivery model: Training will be delivered both in college and in the workplace

Core areas covered

  • Scripting and coding in domain specific languages, using pair/mob programming techniques
  • Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration
  • Building a CI/CD pipeline using automation tooling and often APIs
  • Promoting a DevOps Culture – Using Agile principles to build and run
  • Applying a Secure SDLC
  • Designing on-prem and Cloud architectures to meet business needs
  • Monitoring
  • Owning your own continuing skills development

Awarding body: BCS The Chartered Institute for IT

DevOps Engineer Level 4

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