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Term Dates

Full time courses: start on Wednesday 6 September 

Apprenticeships: start on Monday  12 September 

Please note: the start date for some adult courses may vary (earlier or later) but your course team will keep you informed. 

Term Dates

Term 1

Wednesday 6 September to Friday 27 October

Term 2

Monday 6 November to Wednesday 20 December

Term 3

Monday 8 January to Friday 9 February

Term 4

Monday 19 February to Friday 22 March

Term 5

Monday 8 April to Friday 24 May

Term 6

Monday 3 June to Friday 28 June


End dates do vary but full time courses end Friday 30 June 

Staff Training Days

Please note that the campuses are closed on the following days to students for staff training:

  • Wednesday 25 October
  • Wednesday 20 March