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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy & Report

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy & Report

Gloucestershire College is committed to demonstrating our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion in all of our activities. Our ambitious and achievable objectives have been developed in consultation with stakeholders and build on work already completed.

The College affirms that eliminating attainment differences, celebrating and promoting diversity is a key element of the College’s mission. The College also recognises that achieving these ambitions brings a range of benefits to the organisation including:

  • Creating a positive atmosphere where there is a shared commitment to value diversity and respect difference;
  • Delivering excellent customer service by ensuring here is an inclusive ethos, responding to the needs of individuals;
  • Achieving a representative workforce and student body;
  • Promoting social cohesion through a greater knowledge and understanding of the diverse community we serve.

We will achieve our objectives by a number of different, but interlinked strategies and these will be monitored through the Safeguarding and Equality Group.

The key strategies are:

  • Taking a whole college approach
  • Sharing and celebrating practice
  • Involving and participating
  • Assessing consulting and monitoring

Gender Pay Gap Review

We review what we pay annually and transparent with our findings.

2024 Review