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24TH JUN 2024

The Role of Level 4 Engineering Apprenticeships in Upskilling Your Employees

Level 4 Engineering apprenticeships
Level 4 Engineering apprenticeships

While engineering apprenticeships are well established in the UK, and jobs in engineering are continuing to grow, there has been a decline in the number of engineering and technology apprentices over the last 5 years. The numbers of students studying engineering are also not increasing fast enough to meet the future needs of the sector.

This, combined with rapidly emerging demand for new skills related to green technology, highlights the need for sustained and growing investment in training, as well as reskilling and retraining those already in the labour market.

Level 4 Engineering apprenticeships - a valuable option for employee upskilling

Level 4 engineering apprenticeships are a valuable option for employees development, especially if you are looking to upskill your staff to take on supervisory or technical positions.  

The programmes have been designed for engineers with 12 months or more experience, as well as for those who have completed a Level 3 apprenticeship or a similar full-time course and are looking to progress further by obtaining an HNC qualification through an apprenticeship funded route. 

Level 4 Engineering apprenticeships at GC

Our recently launched Level 4 Engineering Manufacturing Technician (General Engineering) and Level 4 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Manufacturing Technician provide advanced training, ensuring that apprentices gain in-depth technical skills and knowledge relevant to modern engineering and manufacturing processes. At the same time, they prepare employees for leadership or specialised engineering roles, supporting the company's succession planning and long-term growth.

Duration and delivery

Each apprenticeship lasts 42 months, plus an additional 6 months for the End Point Assessment.

Unlike traditional block delivery, apprentices only need to attend college one day per week, spending the rest of their time in the workplace. This model allows them to contribute more effectively to projects and operations within the company.


Companies with a salary bill of over £3 million can utilise their apprenticeship levy to fund the training for new or progressing apprentices as well as existing employees looking to advance their skills with a Level 4 (HNC) qualification. 

Non levy-paying companies will pay only 5% of their apprentice’s training and assessment fees, while the government contributes 95%.

Benefits of Level 4 Engineering apprenticeships

By supporting their existing employees with Level 4 engineering apprenticeships, companies can build a skilled, motivated, and future-ready workforce. Meanwhile, apprentices will have developed the skills, knowledge, and experience to further their careers in engineering and move into senior engineering or management roles.

To find out more about our Level 4 apprenticeships, visit this page.

Training starts in September, so now is the perfect time to speak to our expert Employer Training & Apprenticeships team to discuss your training needs. Email employer.training@gloscol.ac.uk or call 0345 1552020 to book your no-obligation consultation.