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7TH JUN 2024

Computing Department Showcase Work at Cheltenham Science Festival 

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Cheltenham Science Festival Showcase
Cheltenham Science Festival Showcase

With the start of the festival season rolling in, we were excited to see our Computing Department back in The Arcade at this year’s Cheltenham Science Festival!

Students from Computing, Forensic Computing and Cyber Security, and Games Design courses were excited to showcase their work to attendees at this year’s event with a range of games designed to show off their skills.  

Given freedom to come up with their own spin on classic games, the students spent weeks before the event researching and building games to bring their learning to life in a fun, interactive way.  

Their stand in The Arcade featured a twist on Snake, operated by a dance mat, a two-person shooter game, an interactive block game based on Wordle, a ‘Doom’ inspired game focused on pesky malware-filled emails, and a Chase game.

The students were able to use Raspberry Pis to bring their games to life, programming them to run the games, and even act as a server so that players can join the fun remotely! 

“It’s been fun. I enjoyed making the project, seeing how people interact with the game and how they enjoy it. We’ve made improvements throughout the day as well, to make it easier for the younger children to play. It was nice to be able to work as a team and bring it all to life.” 

Ben Didcote, Level 3 Forensic Computing and Cyber Security

“I’ve enjoyed helping the children with the games. It’s nice to see it in action after working on it for so long.” 

Billy Baggus, Level 3 Forensic Computing and Cyber Security


“I like the coding and being able to put it all together, to see it and share it – and have lots of fun doing it! We had to test quite a few different games to see what was going to work. Our lecturer helped, and we got to learn how to use Python to build our game. It was really good fun.” 

Megan Skillern, Level 3 Forensic Computing and Cyber Security  

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