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28TH MAY 2024

Creative Media Alumni Directing Jon Pitman’s Fight Factory Documentary

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Creative Media Fight Factory Documentary
Creative Media Fight Factory Documentary

Gloucester-based GC alumni Sheereen Patel is taking her skills to new heights, directing and producing a documentary about a Gloucester boxing club. ‘Jon Pitman’s Fight Factory’ focuses on the transformative power on the Gloucester Fight Factory gym through the lives of its members.

The documentary will feature interviews with boxing coach Jon Pitman, and professional boxers Akeem Ennis Brown, Jay Pitman, and Shabir Haidary, as well as Liz Pitman, David Anegbode and Max Mudwell. It will explore their personal struggles before finding solace and purpose through boxing.  

Sheereen studied Creative Media HNC at Gloucestershire College, before progressing onto the college’s Creative Media HND and Film Production with Applied Technology BSc, in partnership with Birmingham City University. She credits her experience in creative media and film production for equipping her with essential skills in storytelling and post-production, which are crucial for filmmaking.  

Bringing amazing stories to life

Having gained experience working on music videos, and on Sky TV series like War of the Worlds 3 and The Lazarus Project, Sheereen is now working on a project much closer to home. She first became interested in Jon Pitman’s story after seeing an interview with him online. After reaching out to him for an interview, she heard the stories of other boxers, too, and their compelling narratives associated with the Gloucester Fight Factory prompted her to start work on the documentary.  

The documentary will focus on several key themes, like overcoming adversity, drug addiction, gang affiliation, and the positive impact of sports on mental health. She says: 

“I'm thrilled about this documentary because it combines my love for storytelling and film production with my interest in the positive influence of sports, especially boxing. It's a chance to explore powerful stories from the Gloucester Fight Factory gym, interviewing inspiring figures and tackling themes like overcoming challenges and mental health.” 

Bringing amazing stories to life

Working on the project, Sheereen will be collaborating with other GC alumni, which has added an extra layer of excitement and friendship to the project. With their shared background and understanding of the craft of filmmaking, the collaboration is a great opportunity to enhance the creative process and strengthen her professional network.  

“With my background and experience, this project feels like a natural fit, allowing me to apply my practical skills. It's an exciting opportunity to bring together my passions and expertise.” 


Sheereen is now studying for a MA in PR, Communications, and the Media, and we can’t wait to see what she works on next! 

If you’d like to learn more about her project and contribute, visit the Kickstarter page. 

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