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27TH MAY 2024

Insights from Our Computing Lecturers on Teaching in Today's Digital Age

Computing Lecturer Vacancies Hear From Our Staff
Computing Lecturer Vacancies Hear From Our Staff

Are you passionate about computing and learning? Our team is growing, and we have several part-time and full-time computing and games design lecturer vacancies available. Whether you’re currently working in the industry and looking for a new challenge, or you're an experienced teacher looking for your next step, we’d love to hear from you.

What better way to see what working at GC is like than hearing from our computing lecturers themselves? Find out more about why they decided to teach, their exciting industry backgrounds and how they're staying up to date with the latest in technology.

Pranith Accapanda is a computing lecturer and has been at the college for nearly 4 years, previously working as a network engineer in the telecom industry and gaining teaching experience delivering computing lessons in India.

"Becoming a lecturer seemed like the perfect way to combine my passion for teaching with my industry experience, all while staying connected to the evolving world of computing.

"My favourite aspect of teaching computing is the opportunity to witness the transformative power of technology first-hand. As students delve into topics like artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, or data science, they not only gain practical skills but also develop a deeper understanding of how technology impacts society, industries, and the world at large. 

"It's incredibly rewarding to see them apply their knowledge to address real-world challenges and contribute to positive change. Teaching computing enables me to inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers who will shape the future of technology."

We caught up with Computing Lecturer and HE Program Leader, Michael Okeke as he shared his industry experiences and passion for teaching.

"Prior to joining the college, I worked for a mobile testing solutions firm, overseeing operations at the Cardiff branch. My responsibilities encompassed the installation and management of systems and servers, in addition to conducting software testing for examinations.

"Additionally, I advised small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on optimal security strategies for migrating their architectural frameworks to the cloud, while addressing various security concerns they encountered.

"Upon completing my PhD, I made the transition back to industry to gain insight into current trends and practices. After approximately a year in the industry, I found myself yearning for the dynamic environment of teaching and learning. Recognising my passion for education, I decided to return to the realm of teaching. 

"Seeing individuals who gradually develop self-belief and confidence is truly gratifying. This transformation, often unquantifiable and invaluable, underscores the essence of personal growth. I recommend GC as an exemplary institution for those aspiring to pursue a career in computing teaching."

Olly Douglas has been a graduate computing lecturer for 2 years now having studied a degree in Cyber Security at university. 

"My favourite thing about teaching is the ability to support aspiring learners and provide them the support I felt I was lacking throughout my education. To me, the ability to see someone understand something because you used your own techniques and your own experiences is extremely rewarding. 

"I love seeing those learners who, potentially by no fault of their own, haven’t achieved as well as they wanted to in secondary school and making them realise their potential.

"I think that’s my favourite thing about computing is something new is being developed that is forefront, and maybe you’ll only be a user of such new technology, or maybe you’ll be the one developing it, either way, any interest, especially now, will have some form of computing involvement and I find that fascinating.

"Be a lecturer that puts 110% in, be a lecturer that puts the learners first, and do all of this, at the place I had the best experience at throughout my education was ultimately what got me into teaching."

Osesie Sallau is one of our newest computing lecturers to join the growing team. Hear what she had to say as we caught up with her 6 months into her time at GC.

"My choice of a teaching career stems from my love for learning and passing this knowledge on to others. Applying my skillset to the field of education gives me great fulfilment as it enables me to inspire learners and provide them with tools to optimise their potential and create positive change.

"I love software development in the field of computing because it is a creative career path. This allows the development of software solutions using your creative imagination while employing a wide variety of programming languages.

"GC is a great team with lots of opportunities for growth. There is constant training and mentorship which is done in a very supportive manner. At the same time, there is lots of room for creativity and innovation."

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