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18TH APR 2024

Tech Talent Lab: Decoding Your Future initiative announced

Tech Talent Lab: Decoding Your Future initiative announced
Tech Talent Lab: Decoding Your Future initiative announced

We have joined forces with CyNam and the South West Apprenticeship Company to launch a new initiative to help SMEs and startups maximise the benefits of IT and cyber apprenticeships. 

Tech Talent Lab provides comprehensive support to a limited number of businesses wishing to employ apprentices, to address increasing skill shortages in the sector, particularly in entry level roles. Apprenticeships are an extremely effective way for small and medium sized businesses to sustainably grow these skills, maximising government funding to cover the training and qualifications. 

The new Tech Talent Lab initiative is supported by funding from the Department for Science Innovation and Technology (DSIT) to further assist SMEs to take on apprentices – providing them with a comprehensive support menu – simplifying and easing the process. 

With Tech Talent Lab, employers gain exclusive access to a peer-to-peer network, fully funded recruitment support, and award-winning, in-person training provided by Gloucestershire College. Through apprenticeships, businesses can upskill and reskill their workforce, empowering them to thrive in the digital age. 

Taking on apprentices in IT and cybersecurity not only benefits employers but also provides invaluable training and development opportunities for apprentices, addressing the pressing skill gaps in the industry. The benefits extend far beyond individual businesses. By investing in apprenticeships through Tech Talent Lab, employers are not only securing the future of their own enterprises but also contributing to the growth and innovation of the wider industry. 

 “CyNam is thrilled to be part of the Tech Talent Lab initiative. By collaborating with SWAC and Gloucestershire College, we're not only addressing the critical need for cybersecurity skills but also fostering innovation and nurturing talent in our industry. We believe that investing in apprenticeships is not just about filling skill gaps; it's about supporting the future of cybersecurity and empowering the next generation of professionals. We look forward to seeing the impact of Tech Talent Lab on both employers and apprentices.”  

According to the National Apprenticeship Service, 86% of employers reported that apprenticeships developed skills relevant to their organisation, and 78% reported improved productivity. Moreover, apprentices trained in-house through apprenticeships are highly motivated, committed employees who have the desire to progress within the organisation. 

Clare Vertigen, Managing Director of the South West Apprenticeship Company says "SWAC's involvement in the Tech Talent Lab is not just a partnership; it shows our commitment to help shape future skills, foster innovation, whilst supporting employers new to Apprenticeship recruitment and employment in Gloucestershire. Together, we're not just bridging skills gap but hopefully empowering the next generation of talent in this sector. I am excited to see the apprentices’ skills journeys and celebrate their success." 

SWAC, a government-approved Apprenticeship Recruitment and Employment Agency, streamlines and simplifies the apprenticeship employment process for employers across all sectors in the southwest region. Acting as an impartial mediator, SWAC ensures that the apprenticeship experience is optimised for both employers and apprentices, resolving any issues that may arise during the programme. 

As the UK’s Digital Apprenticeship Provider of the Year 2024, we serve as the trusted training partner for Tech Talent Lab, delivering apprenticeship programmes in DevOps Engineer (Level 4), Software Development Technician (Level 3), and Cyber Security Technician (Level 3).

"Tech Talent Lab is a great example of collaborative thinking between education and industry, and as the training provider, we are thrilled to support employers by delivering award-winning digital apprenticeships at our state-of-the-art training facility, ADA, in Cheltenham. 

“With the rapidly evolving IT and cyber skills landscape, we firmly believe that apprenticeships are a great asset in employers' skills development strategies, and lead to growth, diversity, and innovation. 

“We only have a limited number of places available for this exclusive package of support for local employers, and we expect these to get snapped up quickly. If you’re an employer looking to put your business at the forefront of industry skills and trends, get in touch with our team today to join Tech Talent Lab”, said Andrew Bates, Vice Principal, Gloucestershire College   

To find out more about the programme and how to get started please visit https://cynam.org/tech-talent-lab/