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7TH DEC 2023

Jack of all trades: Level 3 multi-channel marketer apprenticeship standard

Employer Training and Apprenticeships
Multi-channel marketer apprenticeship L3
Multi-channel marketer apprenticeship L3

Discover our new level 3 multi-channel marketer apprenticeship standard, a structured training programme that offers employers a prime opportunity to develop a well-rounded professional capable of delivering impactful results for their business.

What is a multi-channel marketing apprenticeship?

A multi-channel marketer apprenticeship is a structured training programme where apprentices acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in reaching and engaging customers across diverse online and offline channels. In today's business landscape, the majority of enterprises, whether consciously or not, employ a multi-channel approach. Therefore, the multi-channel marketer apprenticeship offers employers a prime opportunity to develop a well-rounded professional capable of delivering impactful results for their business.

What will your apprentice learn?  

The training is designed to help apprentices develop the skills and knowledge required to strategically plan, create, and execute effective marketing campaigns across diverse platforms and channels. These include websites, social media, email, print, and events, all while adhering to industry best practices.

Apprentices will acquire valuable insights into the fundamental principles and practices of marketing, including areas such as market research, data analysis, content creation, customer relationship management, and the utilisation of digital marketing tools.

Furthermore, they will be equipped with the ability to apply ethical, legal, and innovative approaches to marketing. The programme also emphasises teaching them how to measure and evaluate the impact of their marketing activities.

Who is it ideal for?

The multi-channel marketer apprenticeship is well-suited for:

  • Individuals aged 16 and above
  • New apprentices
  • Current staff members, such as junior marketers or employees looking to acquire new skills and progress in their careers

How is the training delivered?

Your apprentice will spend most of their time supporting your business and learning on the job. The college training is delivered in the workplace, with a mixture of face to face and remote sessions.

How long is the programme?

The Level 3 multi-channel marketer apprenticeship consists of an 18 months practical period, and additional 5 months of End Point Assessment.

What is the entry criteria?

Anyone interested in becoming a multichannel marketer apprentice will need to meet some entry requirements, such as having GCSEs at grades A*-C or 9-4 in English and maths. They will also need to have a keen interest in marketing and a willingness to learn new skills and technologies.

How can I support my apprentice as an employer?

Whether your business is looking to recruit a multi-channel marketer apprentice or have an existing member of staff to upskill, as an employer your role is to support your apprentice by:

  • Understanding the standard and setting realistic objectives for training. 
  • Being engaged with training, including attending regular catch ups every 10-12 weeks with the College to review how the training is going and to ensure all parties are working to the agreed plan.
  • Understanding how your apprentice will be assessed during their End Point Assessment to help prepare them.

For more information about our multi-channel marketer apprenticeship, contact our Employer Training & Apprenticeships team for a no-obligation consultation.


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Download programme factsheet here.