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12TH DEC 2023

Introducing recruitment apprenticeships

Employer Training and Apprenticeships
Guide to Recruitment Apprenticeships
Guide to Recruitment Apprenticeships

The first quarter of 2024 will see the start of our brand new Recruitment Resourcer Level 2 and Recruitment Consultant Level 3 apprenticeships.

Both programmes have been designed to support this fast-paced sector with the training of highly skilled professionals who are well-versed in all the aspects of the recruitment process. From specialist to transferable skills, these apprenticeships will appeal to new apprentices looking to start a career in a people-oriented industry or for existing employees looking to advance their skills and progress their careers.

What skills will I learn with a recruitment apprenticeship?

Recruitment apprentices will learn a combination of soft and hard skills that help them be successful in their roles. Here are 8 essential skills that the apprenticeship training will help develop.

  1. Talent sourcing: You will learn to identify, attract and progress candidates and secure their job placements with client organisations.
  2. Negotiation and problem solving: Recruitment consultants act as the intermediary between the company and candidates. As the recruitment consultant you will learn to negotiate and find most productive solutions for both parties.
  3. Research: Recruitment consultants need to acquire the ability to research and understand various industries, roles, and market trends. Staying informed about changes in the job market will help provide valuable insights to clients and candidates.
  4. Data Management: You will learn to manage candidate databases, track key metrics, and use recruitment software efficiently. Strong data management skills contribute to effective organisation and analysis of candidate and client information.
  5. Sales and Marketing: You will gain skills in promoting job opportunities to potential candidates and selling the benefits of working with a particular client or organisation.
  6. Communications and Customer Service: This is a people-focused industry. Being able to communicate effectively, excellent customer service and building a productive trusting relationship with candidates and client organisations are integral to this job.
  7. Organisation skills: Recruitment is fast paced, ever changing. From juggling multiple clients, to working on shared projects and screening applications, strong organisation skills will help you balance it all of.
  8. Legal and Ethical Compliance: You will learn about legal and ethical standards in recruitment, including equal opportunity employment laws, privacy regulations, and other relevant guidelines.

How is the training delivered?

Training is delivered in the workplace with a mixture of face to face and remote sessions. There will also be some group sessions throughout the programme delivered in college.

How long is the apprenticeship?

The practical period for both Recruitment Resourcer Level 2 and Recruitment Consultant Level 3 apprenticeships is 18 months, plus there are 3 months for End Point Assessment.

Who is it best suited for?

Recruitment is a fast-paced, challenging and can be a highly rewarding career, both from a personal perspective and from a financial one. If you thrive in a competitive environment, enjoy interacting with people and looking to be involved in a diverse range of projects, recruitment can be a great career choice.   

How can employers support their apprentices?

Whether you are an employer looking to hire a recruitment apprentice or have an existing member of staff to upskill, your role is to support your apprentice by:

  • Understanding the standard and setting realistic objectives for training. 
  • Being engaged with training, including attending regular catch ups every 10-12 weeks with the College to review how the training is going and to ensure all parties are working to the agreed plan.
  • Understanding how your apprentice will be assessed during their End Point Assessment to help prepare them.

For more information about, contact our Employer Training & Apprenticeships team for a no-obligation consultation.


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