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29TH NOV 2023

Meet the team: Anisa Elezi, Assessor Trainer in IT and Cyber Security

Employer Training and Apprenticeships
Meet the team: Anisa Elezi, Assessor Trainer in IT and Cyber Security
Meet the team: Anisa Elezi, Assessor Trainer in IT and Cyber Security

Anisa joined Gloucestershire College in 2023 as an Assessor Trainer in IT and Cyber Security. She has an extensive background in a range of teaching and IT roles where she has honed her skills in the fields of computer science and cyber security. We spoke with Anisa about her experience in the industry and her passion for teaching.

Anisa, what did you do prior to working at GC? 

"I have a diverse background with a blend of teaching and practical roles in both educational institutions and professional settings. I've worked in various universities and programmes before GC in Canada.

"I was first recruited as a lecturer at the Metropolitan University of Tirana before becoming a full-time lecturer at CIT, Canadian Institute of Technology, specialising in Software Engineering. I've also undertaken an internship at ikubINFO, gaining practical skills in technology."

What are your specialisms?

"My specialisms primarily revolve around the fields of computer science and cybersecurity. I have expertise in several areas such as Cyber security.

"My recent graduation from a cyber security program and my roles as an Assessor Trainer in Cyber Degree Apprenticeships and Qualified Lead Instructor at Code First Girls have given me hands-on experience in network security, penetration testing, and data protection. I specialise in using tools like Nmap, John the Ripper, GreenBone VA, Aircrack-ng, and Wireshark.

"Additionally, my role as a Full-time Lecturer at CIT focused on Software Engineering. I have a deep understanding of software development principles, programming languages, and the software development lifecycle Like Agile and Waterfall.

"With extensive experience as a lecturer at various universities and educational institutions, I specialise in teaching computer science-related subjects, including Computer Architecture, Database, Algorithms, and more. I have a passion for educating others in these fields."

How did you get into lecturing?

"I initially discovered my passion for teaching when I provided assistance to my classmates as well as children in my family in bridging gaps in subjects, particularly in mathematics and physics. This experience kindled my interest in education.

"As I pursued my bachelor's degree, one of my professors recognised my aptitude for teaching, which further ignited my desire to engage in lecturing. During my first master's program, I was invited by the headteacher of my professional high school to serve as an instructor for modules such as Databases, Windows Server, and web development. Following this, after obtaining my first master's degree in 2015 Computer Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Tirana, I was recruited by Metropolitan University as a lecturer. Within two months, I earned a promotion to the role of Department Coordinator, a position I embraced with enthusiasm.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

"What I find most fulfilling about my role is the opportunity to empower and inspire students in the fields of computer science and cybersecurity. I thoroughly enjoy witnessing the moment when a concept "clicks" for a student, and they gain a deeper understanding of the subject matter. It's immensely satisfying to be a part of their learning journey, equipping them with knowledge and skills that will be valuable in their future careers.

"Additionally, in my current role as an Assessor Trainer in Cyber Degree Apprenticeships and Lead Instructor at Code First Girls, I'm excited about the hands-on experiences we provide to students in cybersecurity, helping them develop practical skills that are in high demand. I look forward to continuing to contribute to their growth and success in these dynamic and ever-evolving fields."

What skills do IT and Cyber Security courses bring to learners and employers?

"Throughout my academic roles, I've delivered courses in computer science and software engineering, covering topics such as computer architecture, algorithms, web programming, and software development. These courses provide learners with a deep understanding of fundamental principles and practical skills in these domains, preparing them for careers in software development, IT, and related fields."

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