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1ST JUL 2023

Gloucestershire College Launches Brand-New Fine Art HNC

Gloucestershire College Launches Brand-New Fine Art HNC
Gloucestershire College Launches Brand-New Fine Art HNC

Gloucestershire College (GC) is proud to launch a comprehensive, two-year Fine Art HNC course designed to develop artistic growth in a number of key specialties and practices. This university level arts course will provide you with fundamental knowledge and practical skills required to help you blossom in the dynamic world of fine art.  

GC students can expect to learn from expert lecturers, while making the most of our industry standard studios where you can fully immerse yourself in a vibrant workspace.

This brand-new immersive learning experience is for those looking to pursue a career in a multitude of creative industries. With unrivalled industry connections and a bespoke curriculum, you will learn and explore different techniques and approaches to fine art, how to contextualise studies and put this in to practice, reflect on your own practices and how to exhibit work and create a successful exhibition. These skills will provide you with a solid foundation for you to express yourself, find your style and begin your journey on a rewarding artistic journey. 

Completing the Fine Art HNC course at GC can open a multitude of pathways. There are many areas you can progress into such as becoming an independent artist, curator for independent galleries and museums and different applied art directions. Moreover, the creative industry was responsible for contributing £109billion to the economy in 2021; the sector also grew by 6.9% in September 2022, meaning it has never been a better time to join a growing industry.  

Claire Mann, Course Leader said:  

We are immensely proud to launch the Fine Art HNC, giving both new and progressing students exciting opportunities to show their creative flair, and progress in a growing industry. This course will give students the chance to get to grips with new techniques, equipping them with skills employers crave. Our curriculum enables students to hone their skills in specialist areas, as well as push them to break out of their comfort zone; the wide set of skills they will learn are highly transferable, which in turn will open doors for a variety of different roles after completing the course”.   

Did you know, achieving a HNC in Fine Art can help you obtain a job as a Fashion Designer, Illustrator and even a Video Game Designer? Find out more about art courses today and apply for this September.  

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