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12TH JUL 2023

Introducing DevOps Engineer Apprenticeship

Benefits of Learning DevOps
Benefits of Learning DevOps

Enrolment continues for November start of DevOps Engineer Level 4 apprenticeship. If your business is looking to recruit a DevOps apprentice or has a member of staff with potential to grow, get in touch with us today.

What is DevOps?

DevOps integrates software development (Dev) with IT operations (Ops) to optimise the software delivery progress. The aim is to overcome the challenges created when development and operations teams work independently by adopting collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement in the software development lifecycle.

What are the benefits of studying a DevOps course?

Improved knowledge and latest skills

DevOps covers a range of topics to gain a comprehensive skill set. Organisations are able to effectively bridge the gap between development and the operations team. This includes scripting and coding, building a CI/CD pipeline using automation and APIs, using Agile principles, SDLC, designing on-prem and Cloud architectures, and monitoring.

DevOps apprenticeships also allow you to keep up-to-date with the latest skills and knowledge while gaining key industry experience to support you in becoming a DevOps engineer.

Developing industry

The IT and Cyber industry is constantly evolving, with new trends, technologies and best practices, studying DevOps instills a continuous learning mindset. To ensure that these practices are up to date, organisations need professionals who can adapt to these changes and drive innovation in software. 

This is also an exciting opportunity for individuals who are interested in a career that continues to evolve. DevOps is more than implementing tools and practices; it's a cultural shift. This makes it a perfect opportunity for individuals looking for continuous learning and growth.

Meet industry demand

In recent years, DevOps has gained significant popularity in the software development industry. There is often a shortage of professionals with DevOps expertise in the job market where the industry demand is high. DevOps practices are also applicable across other industries and sectors, from technology, finance, healthcare, and e-commerce, many organisations are recognising the value of DevOps, so the career options are incredibly varied.

By studying a DevOps course you can become a valuable asset to organisations seeking to adopt and enhance their DevOps capabilities by aligning your skills with industry, gaining proficiency in tools and technologies.

Career growth and opportunities

DevOps practitioners are in high demand across various sectors and organizations, regardless of their scale. Embracing the field of DevOps empowers individuals to strengthen their employment prospects.

Therefore, you become highly desirable for positions like DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Automation Engineer, or Cloud Engineer - with many other roles becoming available to you.

Kick-start your DevOps training

Enrolling now for February 2024

DevOps Engineer Level 4 Apprenticeship Factsheet

Get in touch with our dedicated team today

If your organisation is interested in recruiting a DevOps apprentice or has a member of staff to upskill with this programme, contact our Employer Training & Apprenticeships team to discuss your needs and find out about support and funding available.  

Email: employer.training@gloscol.ac.uk

Call: 0345 1552020

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