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26TH JUN 2023

Why Study Professional Make-up Artistry?

Make up Artistry
Make up Artistry

Make-up artists are a huge part of the entertainment industry. Our range of makeup courses will hone your skills to achieve success in the world of makeup artistry.

What do Charlotte Tilbury, Pat McGraph and Lisa Eldridge have in common? They are all internationally renowned Make-up Artists (MUAs) who started out here, in the UK. With the rise of social media, there has been increased demand for MUAs globally, creating a vast array of employment opportunities.   

Pop culture has had a huge role to play in the rise of make-up artistry. From magazines like Vogue, streaming services like YouTube and Tik-Tok and TV shows such as Glow Up, people are becoming more aware of the skill, talent and creative flare it takes to be a makeup artist.   

This industry offers endless growth, continuous development and pallet loads of self-expression. 


Why study make-up artistry?

Did you know a Level 3 qualification in make-up artistry could get you into university? Not only this, if you are looking for an apprenticeship; ITV, BBC and many other media outlets are frequently on the lookout for talented individuals, to work for them on set! If you are looking to brush up on your skills, apply for our level 2 or level 3 make-up artistry course.  


Career opportunities 

Within the make-up artistry industry, there are so many different techniques and specialties you can learn. After you gain a qualification, not only can you get a job in the TV or film industry, we should also highlight there are employment opportunities in theatre, fashion, bridal, and photo studios to name just a few.  


Make-up facilities and trips 

If you apply for a make-up artistry course at GC, not only will you study in bespoke salons with access to pallet loads of industry standard equipment, you will get the opportunity to attend enrichment trips and workshops. We work with frightmare, Kate Kelvin and many other inspiration MUAs and businesses.  


Hone your makeup skills 

Make-up artistry isn’t just for your face. All make-up artistry courses at GC include body art, hairstyling and costume design. We are passionate when it comes to ensuring you have the skills you need to succeed and stand out from the crowd. By building these strong foundations on our courses, you will be putting yourself at a strong advantage when it comes to finding employment, or even starting your own business. Just take a look at our previous Make-up students' work.


Become an MUA 

Showcasing your creative flair is key in the make-up industry. Throughout your time with us, you will have the opportunity to create mood boards and face charts when planning your innovative ideas. In doing so, you will prove your researching skills to our industry trained lecturers and go on to have the opportunity to bring your glossy new idea to life. 


How do I become a makeup artist? 

Don’t blend in. If you’re hoping to ignite your passion this September, apply for our bespoke make-up artistry course today and stand out from the crowd 

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