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22ND MAY 2023

Why Study Early Years Foundation Degree? Hear from our alumni

Why Study EYFD
Why Study EYFD

We recently heard from some of our Early Years Foundation Degree alumni, who told us why they decided to study the course and how it's changed their careers for the better.

If you want to learn more and progress your career in Early Years, an Early Years Foundation Degree could be the next step for you! This 2 year full-time course is ideal if you already have a Level 3 Early Years qualification and are looking to increase your knowledge. 

We recently heard from some of our Early Years Foundation Degree alumni, who told us why they decided to study the course and how it's changed their careers for the better.

Studying Early Years Foundation Degree at Gloucestershire College, Hannah Murphy

"The Early Years Foundation Degree at Gloucestershire College gave me a route into teaching that allowed me to continue to work. I went to university when I was 18 years old straight from school and returned home after 6 weeks with no idea what my calling was. I found ‘traditional’ university hard and did not enjoy it.

"When I found the Early Years Foundation Degree, I had just started working in a nursery and was enjoying it! However, after some time in the preschool room, I knew that I wanted to further myself and eventually progress onto teaching. The course allowed me to keep my job and gain the qualifications needed to move onto my final degree year, and to then complete a PGCE.

"Without finding the course, I doubt I would have returned to university because the idea of full time study was not for me. Now I have been a qualified primary teacher for 3 years. I teach a Reception class 2 days a week and am at home with my little girl for the other 3 and it’s perfect for me."

My Time as an Early Years Foundation Degree Student, (anonymous)

"As a teaching assistant and a mother of two I was beginning to contemplate my career progression. However, due to having my children young all of my qualifications have been acquired as an adult, through college. I had completed a Level 2 in English, Maths and Supporting Teaching and Learning, followed by a level 3 apprenticeship in Supporting Teaching and Learning. I knew my passion was in early years education, but as a mature student I was apprehensive to study part time as I wanted to qualify quickly.

"After searching through my options and discovering that GC runs the Early Years Foundation Degree I applied immediately. As I was working full-time the ability to attend lectures in only the evenings fit in perfectly, and I did not have to adapt my life to study. An added bonus was the tutor’s knowledge of level 3 and the massive step up to level 4. They were able to expertly elevate the skills we had already learnt and gave me a passion for learning that I hadn’t felt in a long time!

"Moving immediately from level 3 to studying level 4 at university would have likely caused me a lot of anxiety; for people like me who have studied mostly as an adult I needed time to build my confidence in a setting where I felt comfortable. The tutors were amazing to work with and the modules allowed me to really extend my knowledge whilst reflecting on my current practice. Each tutor offered something different in terms of experience and teaching styles, which was an added benefit.

"Finally, after completing my foundation degree I moved on to study level 6 at the University of Gloucestershire and saw how lucky we were to have been set up so well by our foundation degree.

"The lecturers at GC were really accommodating to our needs working full-time, and their teaching allowed us to be completely clear on what was required from us. Tutorials allowed us to have individual feedback which allowed us all to grow academically at our pace, and there was a great emphasis on utilising the knowledge you already have from your years in practice which made the transition to higher education seamless.

"If I had my time again I would definitely take the same route and I would encourage others who already work in practice to do the same."

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