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4TH MAY 2023

Why study at GC? Hear from our students

Why study at GC - Students
Why study at GC - Students

From the longer breaks and lack of uniform to building confidence and becoming more independent, some of our students have rounded up their favourite things about college!

Leaving school and starting college can feel like a big change, but in lots of ways it’s a positive and welcome change for many of our students. From the longer breaks and lack of uniform to building confidence and becoming more independent, some of our students have rounded up their favourite things about college below! 

Fleur Prosser, L2 Beauty Therapy 

I didn’t like having lesson after lesson after lesson at school. I’m happy to be in college. We‘re treated more like adults than in school and it’s helped me become more mature. Coming in and doing treatments on clients means it’s a completely different environment. With clients, we have to have a mature approach and it’s a very professional set-up. We know what the outside world is going to be like for a job. 

My lecturer has helped me so much with gaining confidence and learning everything. I feel confident speaking to clients and giving advice to them.  
Looking at the amount of work and treatments I’ve done, I feel a real sense of pride. I take a lot of pride in what I’ve done now, I’ve achieved so much and really developed because of all the work I’ve done. 

Lois Liles, L2 Catering and Hospitality 

I’ve loved being able to practice what I’m doing in a real-life environment when we open the restaurant to the public. I love the mix of studying and doing the work; to still be learning and training while still not losing the passion I have for the business.  
I like the freedom you have at college and the fact that we can go out on our breaks and have more independence. I’ve loved hanging out with my friends and made some good friends here - I like how it’s scheduled and that we have one day a week to work. And we get nice long breaks rather than a 10 minute break. 

Owen Swift, L2 Carpentry Apprenticeship 

I was doing A Levels but didn’t really enjoy it, so I left sixth form and I’ve been working for my dad’s company. I enjoy the people I work with – I learn things every day while I work on site. I like second fix stuff, doing skirting and architrave, because it feels like you’re completing a job and that’s satisfying. 
At college I like learning things in more detail. I’m quite a hands on person anyway – at college they show you the details of why you do things like this and how you can use different techniques in different ways. 

You get treated more as an adult. I’ve got a really good relationship with my lecturers and my student mentor has helped me with loads of stuff, including exam support.  

Rhianna Lewis-Watkins, L2 Health and Social Care

I like the college environment because you get treated more like an adult. You get treated older and you’re more independent. I look forward to coming in. Instead of going to out into the world you’ve still got support but you’re getting ready to get into work 

I wanted to know more about the industry to take the next step – we went through the different types of jobs that we could do in hospital and midwifery stood out to me. Looking after the mums and knowing that you’re going to bring a new life into the world is exciting. 

Everything is so fast-paced. We do each assignment for about a month and know all the criteria and what we need to do to get the higher grades. Our lecturer is good at giving feedback throughout the assignments and we're all aiming to get distinctions! 

Antonio Bottomley, L2 Art and Design 

I like how if you’re stuck the teachers are always there to help, and if you ask for something and they don’t have it they’ll buy it in for you. I like how open it is. And how quiet it is – it’s chill! I found a new hobby in needle felting, too. I love experimenting and finding new things I like. We get to do that a lot on this course and I like that we can do more 3D things. 

I feel way more confident after doing this course and more social. I’ve been encouraged to be more creative too. We made puppets and I’m really proud that I managed to do that. I’m being much more experimental now and I want to try anything! 

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