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28TH MAR 2023

Hairdressing Focus: Hear from our students

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Hairdressing Focus
Hairdressing Focus

With the industry steadily growing, now is a great time to find out about the opportunities in hairdressing and barbering.

We've been speaking to current and past students to find out about their work and goals in the flexible industry.

Why study a Hairdressing Course?

There are over 46,000 hair and beauty businesses operating across the UK - and that number looks to be growing! With the industry steadily expanding, now is a great time to find out about the opportunities in hairdressing and barbering. 

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We've been speaking to current and past students to find out about how they found their hairdressing course, their work and goals in the flexible industry:

Rey-An Esconde Fariolen, Level 3 Hairdressing

 "I love hairdressing - it’s a passion for me. I like the work life balance and being able to spend time with my kids while they are young.

Before college I was an underwater photographer assistant, scuba diving for 7 years in the Philippines. I moved here in 2014 and studied Level 2 Hairdressing in evenings. I learned classic haircuts and updos, whilst also gaining work experience in a salon where I was getting training.

Afterwards I was employed for a few years and returned to college to study Barbering before becoming self employed as a mobile hairdresser. Some of my clients wanted colour, and I wanted to be able to do more. I came back to college to study Level 3 Hairdressing as it's best to learn colouring in college. I’ve also been working part-time in a salon again and learning from the senior stylists.

We’ve learned how to correct damaged hair and take care of it, how to remove colour bands, colour correction and techniques like highlights, balayage and three colour foils. We’ve also had the chance to learn a higher level of updos and do things like bridal hair.

You should always continue studying, even out of college I watch videos and read books about hairdressing and when I come back to college it’s so much easier.

I’d recommend GC because it really built my confidence. The confidence you gain at the lower levels can build your pathway up. It was great to get industry experience after studying the Level 2 course, before doing the Level 3 course. We also get a lot of freedom. The lecturers want to see what you can do and push your limits, whilst also giving lots of amazing support!"


Lewis Roberts, Level 2 Hairdressing

 "I started off studying Computer Science, but I dropped out in the first year as it wasn’t the right course for me.

I always wanted to study Hair and Beauty but was put off because I thought it was girl orientated. I was too scared. I am now in a class with girls, but I don’t feel out of place at all! 

I love hairstyles and I dye my hair a lot. I like colouring hair, it’s really fun to make big changes. There’s a lot of independent work on my course and you can always get help from people around you. It’s really fixed to learning about hairdressing and it’s something I enjoy which makes it easier.

I’d really recommend my hairdressing course – there’s loads of equipment and products that you get to use and trial. We also get to learn lots of new things, like how to do highlights. I love the outcome of it. It’s really rewarding when you try something difficult, and you manage to pull it off! My one tip is to get clients prepared for when you’re studying – it really helps with being able to practice. I get to practice with friends and family, which really helps. 

After this course I’m going to study Level 2 Beauty too. With beauty I like that you can work with clients all the time and make them feel better at the end. You get to work on different parts, like eyebrows, lashes, nails, etc. There’s a lot to it and it’s really creative 

Hairdressing courses can give you really flexible careers – my goal is a bit of a stretch, but I’d like to start my own hair and beauty business one day."


Oliwia Lewandowska, Level 3 Hairdressing Alumna

"I would recommend my hairdressing course to everyone. Level 2 felt more theoretical whereas Level 3 really opens your eyes and makes you unlock your creativity and perspectives of how to approach different hair needs.

I absolutely loved Level 3 because you were able to be as creative as you like, try different techniques, be yourself and show more of your own work instead of going by what you learnt from the book. My favourite things to learn at college were balayage and hair colouring. I found it so creative and freeing.

The most rewarding part of my job now is probably creative hair colouring, making people blonde and I absolutely love foiling.

I enjoy the creativity that comes with courses for hairdressing. Some people might think it’s boring or tiring, and I won’t say it’s completely easy. It’s a hard job but I think it is rewarding because you can be as creative as you want and create your own work."

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