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2ND SEP 2022

Meet the trainer: Dianne Baker, Assessor Trainer in Apprenticeships at GC

Employer Training and Apprenticeships
Meet the trainer: Dianne Baker, Assessor Trainer in Apprenticeships at GC
Meet the trainer: Dianne Baker, Assessor Trainer in Apprenticeships at GC

Our Professional services apprenticeships, part-time and short-term courses are designed to help businesses get the skills their organisations need now, and build a solid pipeline of talent for the future. 

The portfolio of programmes, many of which are certified by professional bodies like Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), is tailored around business goals and the aspirations of learners involved. 

Dianne Baker, Assessor Trainer in Apprenticeships at GC, specialises in apprenticeship training in Leadership and Management, Business Administration, and Customer Services. We caught up with Dianne to find out more about her role at Gloucestershire College:

What skills do the courses you support bring to our learners and employers?

“The Leadership and Management courses develop skills in leading people, managing people, communication, relationship building and self-awareness among other things. These subjects help people to understand themselves better, understand the people around them better and encourage flexible leadership skills that will not only set them up for life, but also help them to develop the next wave of leaders coming up behind them.

"As for the Business Support apprenticeship it focuses on preparing business documents, planning, organisation and working relationships, as well as the important elements of customer service including building trust with customers, personalising the customer experience and the impact of customer services on the wider organisation. 

"This is a win-win for employers.”

What advice would you give to someone entering the industry?

“Apprenticeships are a great way to learn, earn money and gain precious experience in the workplace. I also work with apprentices who are older, more experienced but looking to build on their existing skill set with a foundation of knowledge and a qualification that will spring board them to further opportunities. The apprenticeship allows them to continue their development within their current role but with a recognised qualification at the end of it.”

Would you recommend hiring an apprentice to local businesses and why?

“Apprentices learn with you and from you, as well as from their college trainer. So they are getting an excellent all round knowledge base as well as learning your own methods and practices. They appreciate the commitment you give them and you’ll appreciate the depth of skills and knowledge that they acquire. Apprentices can become your most loyal employees – supporting the business as it develops and becoming your next team leaders, trainers and managers.”

Our Employer Training and Apprenticeships team is here to support you whether you are looking to upskill, re-train your current employees or hire someone new. Download our Professional Training for Business guide here or check out the full list of our apprenticeship programmes here.

If you are an employer looking to recruit an apprentice or upskill your current employees or you would like to find out more about the apprenticeship programme and the support available to you, please get in touch via: employer.training@gloscol.ac.uk or call 0345 155 2020.