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9TH JUN 2022

The final step of the GC Zero Journey

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The final step of the GC Zero Journey
The final step of the GC Zero Journey

After months of hard work, we’re pleased to say that the major works for our GC Zero project are coming to an end, and all is now in place to make the final connections which will see our Gloucester and Cheltenham campuses switchover to using fully renewable energy.

The final 200m deep borehole has been completed at our Gloucester Campus, and the car parks have been returned in time for the final stretch of the summer term.

The solar panels installed on the roofs at Gloucester and Cheltenham campuses are due to be commissioned at the start of this month – in time to make the most of long summer days, and begin to harness and store solar energy onsite. In total, 3245 solar panels were installed across the two sites. Over the next 25 years, it’s expected that this will see a carbon reduction of nearly 6.5million kg.

Once the final mechanical and electrical works are undertaken, smart energy controls will be implemented to optimise energy use and balance our energy needs to use power at economic times. This is the greatest and final step in our GC Zero Journey, which will see the Gloucester and Cheltenham campuses convert to using the new, renewable energy systems.

Stay up-to-date with GC Zero over on our blog, full of the latest updates.

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