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4TH MAR 2022

GC welcomes cyber employers for Interactive Industry Day

Computing Industry Day
Computing Industry Day

Gloucestershire is set to become the cyber capital of the UK, thanks to the development of Cyber Central in Cheltenham. With malicious cybercrime up by 600% in the past two years, we are committed to providing our students with the knowledge and skills needed to break into the cyber industry.

We recently held an Interactive Industry Day in collaboration with Cyber First, which saw five key local cyber and digital employers use Gloucester Campus as a base for the day. From coding to programming and hacking to encrypting, BAE Systems, Escape Entertainment, CACI, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon gave IT and computing students insight into the world of cyber and digital careers.

BAE Systems is working with Cyber First to give students insight into careers within the industry, and how they can help them get into cyber security. During the day, it simulated a cyber-attack scenario where students were asked to break into a data path and retrieve the password. Upon retrieving the password, computing students had the opportunity to open a combination padlock revealing a box of sweet treats.

Cyber and digital skills are needed across almost all industries. Our students jumped at the opportunity to learn more about Escape Entertainment, a leading escape room facility where Chris Lewis, a STEM ambassador with a background in cyber and defence, explained the technical process of creating an immersive experience. With the use of technology such as remote cameras, wifi-scanners and smart card readers with incorporated programming, students were able to test their skills with some hands-on experience.

Debbie Woodward, Head of School for IT and Computing, said: “Students had the opportunity to experience ransomware scenarios, real life cyber threats and the world of microcontrollers. This will enable our students to become work-ready and help them stand out from the crowd. As a college, we pride ourselves on tailoring our courses to ensure they can offer direct routes and opportunities into the industry.”

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