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1ST FEB 2022

#NAW2023 Getting started: An essential guide to apprenticeships

Employer Training and Apprenticeships
Guide To Apprenticeships|Becoming an Apprentice
Guide To Apprenticeships|Becoming an Apprentice

At Gloucestershire College we are passionate about apprenticeships as the enablers of opportunities for anyone looking to train, re-train or upskill. You can achieve a certificate, diploma, and even a degree level qualification, making apprenticeships a good alternative to university and full-time study. Discover our award-winning apprenticeships across 17 industries with some of Gloucestershire's top employers.

If you have been considering starting an apprenticeship download our essential apprenticeship guide to find out everything you need to know. 

Who can become an apprentice?

  • School leavers
  • University graduates
  • Adults
  • Current employees
  • New recruits
  • Managers and business leaders
  • Part-time and full-time employees

Use the apprenticeship scheme to upskill and train

If you are looking to grow your career, an apprenticeship might be perfect for you. You don’t even need to have the word ‘apprentice’ in your job title! An apprentice is anyone who is using the scheme to earn a qualification alongside working.

If you want to change career direction completely, it’s never too late to up-skill and train. There is no maximum age for an apprentice.


Download our essential apprenticeship guide

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