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10TH SEP 2021

Engineering Apprenticeships: Bridging Logic and Creativity

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Engineering Apprenticeships: Bridging Logic and Creativity
Engineering Apprenticeships: Bridging Logic and Creativity

Discover how an apprenticeship in Engineering could kick-start an exciting and a satisfying career and learn more about our open vacancies with some of the best engineering companies in Gloucestershire. There’s still time to apply!

Are you interested in how things work, good at problem-solving, but not sure about full-time university education as your next step?

Would you rather start a real job while gaining a formal qualification at the same time? 

Would you like to join an industry that allows to apply your creativity and logic while making a real difference to the world around you?

If your answer is yes, why not consider an apprenticeship in Engineering with Gloucestershire College?

We have open vacancies with some of the best engineering companies in the county.  

There is still time to apply! Contact our friendly apprenticeship team for more information on 01452 563400 or email employer.training@gloscol.ac.uk to get more information on the vacancies available.

Gain a competitive advantage like no other. 

Qualified engineers are always in high demand and there are many benefits for you to enjoy as your learning and career progress, not to mention the enormous sense of achievement and satisfaction from seeing the results of your work. Some benefits include:

  • High employability
  • Financial independence
  • Valuable specialised and transferable skills
  • The opportunity to grow and excel
  • The opportunity to travel the world
  • A real chance to make a positive impact to the world

Here’s what our Engineering apprentices say about their motivation behind choosing Engineering for their apprenticeship programme:

“As a young person this industry (Engineering) can really give you a kick start in life.” William Lowe, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Apprentice at GE Aviation 

“Ever since I was young, I have been taking things apart and trying to put them back together. … this, combined with a family history in the aerospace industry, sparked my passion for engineering. I was always keen on the idea of ‘earning whilst learning’ and having a large debt after university put me off that route, so I decided to do an apprenticeship. I’ve now progressed on to a higher-level apprenticeship, which means I will achieve a degree that my company pays for, and get paid to do it!” Oli Tutton, Engineering Degree Apprentice at Renishaw 

 “I’d worked in retail for nearly a decade and never really knew what it was that I wanted to do. As University never really appealed to me, I’d always thought that an apprenticeship would be a great route to go down as I believe learning on the job is most effective.”  Steve Cross, Engineering Apprentice at GE Aviation

Learn and earn at the same time

More and more people choose to join an apprenticeship programmes as they offer a varied learning environment and a faster track to financial independence.  

At GC we are passionate about nurturing engineers for the future and encouraging new talent into the industry. We have built strong partnerships with engineering and manufacturing companies in Gloucestershire and designed industry-relevant training programmes that provide apprentices with the knowledge, practical skills and national qualifications to make a confident start within the industry. Many of our apprentices stay in employment with their companies even after their training has come to an end.

Benefits of becoming an apprentice with GC

  • Apprenticeship Training Provider of the Year 2020 and 2021
  • Expert teaching staff
  • Fully-equipped facilities
  • High-quality programmes tailored to industry needs
  • Strong ties with local business communities

Get in touch to find out more about the Engineering apprentice programme at GC and learn about our current vacancies in the industry. You could be the perfect fit!

Call 01452 563400 or email employer.training@gloscol.ac.uk