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17TH MAR 2021

Apprenticeship Case Study: Thomas Robertson, Engineering Apprentice at Traffic Group Signals

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Apprenticeship Case Study: Thomas Robertson, Engineering Apprentice at Traffic Group Signals
Apprenticeship Case Study: Thomas Robertson, Engineering Apprentice at Traffic Group Signals

As proud champions of apprenticeships in Gloucestershire, we love sharing the success stories of our apprentices here at the College. We caught up with Thomas Robertson, Engineer Apprentice at Traffic Group Signals to find out how what his job involves as a Test Engineer.

What made you choose to do an apprenticeship?

A BTEC Level 3 apprenticeship was the appropriate starting level for me. Being a mature student this felt like an appropriate entry level course to develop my skills and knowledge in the field of electrical and electronic engineering after not being in education for 10 years.

How did you find your employer/ apply for the apprenticeship?

I applied for a role within the production department at Hollco (now part of Traffic Group Signals) 6 years ago. I worked within the production department for three years before being offered the opportunity to be a part of the development team for the RC2 portable traffic signal. At the end of the project I was offered the opportunity to attend Gloucestershire college for the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Level 3 apprenticeship.

Tell us a bit about your day-to-day job role as an apprentice

A working day for me would include any of following:

• Checking emails
• Updating software within traffic controllers
• Reviewing bug reports
• Testing any new software for bug fixes
• Test case development and test case execution
• Test set development and test set execution
• Ad hoc testing
• Reporting software bugs
• Test work instruction development
• Handling phone calls from field engineers
• Updating project managers on progress or any substantial issues related to the project

What is the best thing about your apprenticeship?

I have been able to broaden my understanding on how electronic engineering and software engineering in the field of embedded systems are intrinsically linked. It has given me the capacity to enhance my understanding in a field of work that I am very passionate about.

How has your line manager in the workplace and trainer/assessor at Gloucestershire College supported you through your apprenticeship?

Darren Hudson has been there to support any questions or queries I have about any problems whether it be knowledge based or personal. He has continually supported my progression and is extremely happy to help me succeed. The same can also be said for Adam Beach and all of my tutors at Gloucestershire College; they are always there to provide support and guidance with any question I have.

What are your career ambitions for after you finish your apprenticeship?

Upon completing my apprenticeship I would like to continue to develop my knowledge of embedded systems. My main career goal is to develop myself into an embedded systems engineer.

Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship in your industry? 

If there is any member of staff within a company who is hard working, passionate about electronic engineering and wants to develop key skills and knowledge, then I highly recommend an apprenticeship at Gloucestershire College. The course provides a great foundation of knowledge to build on and members are always there to help students excel.

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