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9TH DEC 2020

Make cyber security a priority for your business

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Make cyber security a priority for your business
Make cyber security a priority for your business

We have all had to adapt rapidly this year. We now know that we can work from home or online from wherever we choose. Many professionals have reaped the rewards of this new flexible way of working, leaving hour-long commutes behind and enjoying a ‘new normal’ work-life balance. While working from home comes with many positives, the real question is can we do it safely and securely?

One of the biggest challenges facing all organisations is sustaining our new ways of working without comprising security or safety. This year many businesses have embraced new technology and software, previously undiscovered, to help us connect and continue to work. Technology has become an everyday part of our working lives and we all know it’s here to stay. But does your business have the right resources to maintain your new online systems and technology? Are you making security a top priority in your business?


In his year review, Chris Dunning-Walton, Chairman of CyNam said: “Ways of working have been revolutionised, with businesses of all sizes having pivot to home-working models, showcasing the opportunity for companies to wholly embrace the rise of a digital workforce. Large enterprises have seen 3-5 year plans to enable virtual working solutions compressed into 3-5 months. The need for robust, secure technology has never been more apparent.”


Cybercrime hasn't gone away. In fact, it has only increased as our new methods of flexible online working have revealed a whole host of additional weaknesses to be exploited.

The big task for businesses is to not only maintain but improve new ways of working with the right resources, infrastructure and training to be agile enough for any new challenges that may arise in the future.

By making cyber security a priority in your business, you can protect and defend from threats and maintain your new ways of working efficiently and securely.

Having a dedicated resource within your organisation crucial to protect your business from threats and ensure your day to day operations go uninterrupted. However, IT and cyber professionals can come at a high cost.


The best way to protect your business is to grow your own tech talent in-house.

Apprenticeships offer an affordable way to develop the essential IT cyber security skills your business needs. Funded through the government or the Apprenticeship Levy, apprenticeships provide a great way to build the knowledge and capabilities to protect your organisation.

Despite the common misconception, apprenticeships are not only for school leavers or entry level positions. Apprenticeships are for anyone of any age looking to learn new skills or train in a specific area, whether they have just left school, changing careers or have been working within an organisation for years.


Gloucestershire College offers a cyber security pathway from Level 3 up to Degree level. Our Level 3 programme provides the essential knowledge and skills for all organisation of any size and sector, while our degree programme provides an advanced route to train cyber security specialists.

Apprenticeships are not only for new recruits. Your business can upskill existing members of staff to gain essential IT and cyber skills. By having an employee or team of professionals responsible for your organisation’s cyber security, you can ensure that every precaution is taken to protect your business.

Gloucestershire College’s Business Hub team can support your business to upskill existing members of staff or recruit new talent for your organisation. Get in touch with our team today by emailing: business.hub@gloscol.ac.uk or calling: 01452 563400.

To find out more about Gloucestershire College’s Cyber Security Apprenticeships, please visit: www.gloscol.ac.uk/cyber-security-apprenticeships