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6 Creative Jobs that Didn't Exist 15 Years Ago

19 January 2023

Creative industries are one of the fastest-growing sectors in the UK. With technology constantly evolving alongside the creative jobs that companies are looking for, the skills required for these positions are highly sought-after. 

In a recent study of 35 million job adverts in the UK, employers needed creativity for jobs likely to grow in importance in the future workforce. 

We have compiled a list of creative jobs that did not exist 15 years ago and educational pathways to kickstart your desired career. 


1. TikTok Social Media Marketer 

Are you on TikTok? As the world's largest expanding social media platform, TikTok has taken the world of short videos by storm. Marketers tap into the millions of users uploading and watching videos daily to create influencer and user-generated content for a global audience. 

Almost all businesses have a company profile with dedicated teams behind their short video strategy. You can be sure that the world of TikTok is not going anywhere soon, with users expected to continue increasing throughout 2023.  

There are various routes to becoming a social media marketer. Depending on the level you wish to study at, media courses are a good starting point for learning more about this industry and its audiences.


 2. Podcast Producer 

There are currently over 5 million podcasts with over 70 million episodes between them. Podcast producers oversee all aspects of the research, recording, and marketing. The role is diverse and requires skills such as audio editing, project management, marketing strategy, and an eye for creativity in a saturated market. 


3. App Designer 

Did you know that the iOS App Store launched in 2008? If you have a smartphone, you will use apps to message, keep updated with news, post on social media, and many other tools we use daily. 

App designers will work on the UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) of phone applications. This includes how it looks, its design, and graphics to the coding and programming. 

Apps are becoming much more visual and complex and require skills vital to the creative industries. Considering 8.3 billion apps were downloaded in 2021, this is a creative job not going anywhere soon. 


4. CGI Illustrator  

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has been around for a lot longer than 20 years but the way this creative profession is evolving and becoming more accessible is a reason to consider this job role. CGI is used in television, advertisements, computer graphics, and games using industry-level editing software.

CGI Illustrators are usually skilled in graphic design, computer graphics, and fine art. You could explore an art and design or graphic design course to get started on this career pathway.


5. SEO Content Writer 

Have you ever searched for anything on Google? Then you have interacted with SEO (search engine optimisation). SEO writers create content to help boost traffic to websites and help them rank on search engines under specific keywords.

This will involve writing valuable content on the website and implementing key search terms. Depending on the size of the SEO team, you may even be analysing key terms and content gaps to include in your article copy.  


6. Drone Operator 

Drones are playing a significant role in many creative industry areas. Many drone operators work on big-budget blockbusters, advanced technology in construction, or as part of freelance work for multiple uses.

Skilled drone operators are increasingly sought after post-COVID, while ten years ago were almost exclusively used by the military. 


Want to know more about the courses we offer? Head over to our creative courses page. From entry-level to university level, our creative courses can help propel you into the career pathway of your choice. 


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