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End Point Assessment

End point assessment (EPA) is the final stage for an apprentice. It is an assessment to determine whether your apprentice has developed the relevant skills, knowledge and experience that the qualification set out to achieve.

End Point Assessment

What are end point assessments?

We work alongside employers to design the assessment to be conducted by an independent body known as end-point assessment organisations (EPAOs). Once this assessment has taken place and all elements of the apprenticeship are completed, then the apprentice will receive their apprenticeship certification.

End point assessment costs

  • For levy employers, apprenticeship funds will be covered by the companies level.
  • For non-levy employers, funding is available to cover the assessment costs up to a funding band maximum.
  • You can also negotiate a price with the EPAO with the expected cost of the assessment will not usually exceed 20% of the funding band maximum of the apprenticeship.
End point assessment costs

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