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OFS Transfer Policy for University Level Courses

We are committed to supporting students who are considering transfer. This may be students transferring internally to a different course or those transferring from other institutions (or to other institutions). We accept students transferring on a case-by-case basis and if places are available.

We will support students to fulfil their creative potential, to succeed on their course and to have a positive learning experience. Being on the right course is an important aspect of wellbeing and the Gloucestershire College student experience.


1) Student transferring from other institutions

There may be instances where students have started their HNC/HND/degree at a different institution and would like to transfer to complete their studies at Gloucestershire College. This may be due to a change in personal circumstances.

Gloucestershire College is committed to supporting students who are considering transfer. We accept students transferring from other institutions on a case-by-case basis and if places are available.

If a student wishes to undertake a transfer they must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently be studying on a course in an equivalent subject area;
  • Have covered sufficiently similar content to that of our first year students;
  • Successfully completed equivalent units/modules on their current course and demonstrate the potential to succeed on the course. Offer of admission will be conditional until official documentation (e.g. module transcript) of units/modules successfully completed has been received;
  • Meet current requirements for Gloucestershire College to sponsor their visa if required.

If you are an international student considering an external transfer to Gloucestershire College, please contact Gloucestershire College’s International Department at international@gloscol.ac.uk to discuss immigration requirements.

If you feel you meet these requirements then please email our Admissions Team at applications@gloscol.ac.uk

In this email please include:

  • The exact name of the award you are studying towards;
  • The institution at which you are studying;
  • The units/modules you have taken.

This information will enable us to make a more informed decision as to whether the content that you have studied demonstrates the required learning for late entry or to join the second year of the course.

All requests are referred to the Admissions Team who will consider your application in conjunction with the Course Tutor. You will be informed of the outcome of your application via email. Once we have assessed this information we will guide you through our application process where relevant.

2) Student transferring to different courses within Gloucestershire College

If you are a current Gloucestershire College student and wish to transfer to another HE course within Gloucestershire College please refer to the guidance below.

Students may request to change from the course on which they are enrolled and choose another course offered by the College by emailing our Admissions Team at applications@gloscol.ac.uk. A transfer is not guaranteed however and you will be subject to the normal course admission requirements and availability of places.

Once you submit your request for consideration, you are expected to attend all timetabled classes on your current course, maintain your level of study, and successfully complete any units you are currently studying until a decision is made. The transfer process is expected to take between two and four weeks to complete.

Normal points of transfer are before the start of Term 2 in the first year or at the end of the first academic year.

  • Transfer requests made at the start of the course (Year 1) must be submitted before the end of the Term 1 as any in-year transfers will not be considered after this point.
  • Transfer requests for the end of the academic year must be submitted before the end of the Summer Term.

If you are a Home/EU student, there may be implications regarding your student loan or your fees and it is recommended that contact the Admissions Manager at applications@gloscol.ac.uk, if you are unsure on how your student loan/fees will be affected by a transfer.

If you are an International student holding a Tier 4 visa there may be visa implications if you transfer course. You must seek advice from Gloucestershire College’s International Department at international@gloscol.ac.uk

If you are an International Student you must check the English Language requirements of any prospective course as they may be of a higher standard than your current course. If this is the case, this may prevent you transferring.

As part of the process your current course units will be checked against your potential new course units.

You will be contacted by the Admissions Team about your prospective new course. Don’t forget that normal course entry requirements apply so make sure you have checked you meet these.

The decision on your transfer will be sent via email. If your request has been approved you will be advised by the Admissions Team on what to do next. If places are not available on your desired course, this will also be communicated to you by email.

If your transfer is approved then a new course timetable and further information on materials for the new course will be passed to you by your new course leader.
If it is not possible for you to be offered a place on your ideal course you may need to discuss your options with your current course team, Student Services or your current Head of School.

3) Students seeking a transfer to another institution

Gloucestershire College will produce a transcript to assist any Gloucestershire College students seeking transfer to another institution.

We advise you to meet with your current course team to discuss the reasons for wanting to transfer as there may be other factors affecting your engagement or enjoyment of the course. Other services in the college are available to help students overcome difficulties affecting their studies and you may wish to discuss these with your Course Leader to identify the options open to you.