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Degree Apprenticeships

A degree apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with part-time university study to gain a degree while gaining practical experience and earning a wage.

Many degree apprentices attend University one or two days a week or in short, block durations but overall apprentices spend 20% studying and 80% of their time working.

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Level 4 & 5 – Higher Apprenticeship

A Level 5 apprenticeship is equivalent to a full degree. Despite the requirements being similar to level 4, employers will be looking for more advanced learners and a specific set of skills. Upon completion, you can further progress onto a level 6 or 7 degree apprenticeship.

Level 6 - Degree Apprenticeships

These are equivalent to a full bachelor's degree and are for those who have completed A-levels, or an equivalent qualification. They offer work-based learning and University study and usually take four to six years to complete.

Level 7 - Master's Apprenticeship

These are equivalent to a master's degree and are designed for those who have completed a Level 6 apprenticeship or equivalent qualifications. They usually take between two to three years to complete.

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