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Course Enrolment

You can now enrol on your chosen course

We will need to confirm eligibility for the course so please submit accurate information about yourself, including personal details, residency status, employment status and prior attainment.

You may be eligible to have your fees waived, so you will be required to upload evidence, which will include evidence of salary or benefits. Please ensure you have these available before you proceed.

If the evidence provided is not sufficient the college will be in touch for further information and you may be required to pay the fee should you not be eligible for a fee waiver.

If you are not entitled to a fee waiver you will be expected to pay for the course (or a deposit) at the end of this process, if you are unable to make payment online today please contact the college before proceeding.

Your Chosen Course

Graphic Design 3EDGRA/24-Y1

4 September 2024 Full time

Maximum Course Costs (if not eligible for a fee waiver)