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Advanced and Creative Hair Professional Apprenticeship

Hair Professional Advanced and Creative Apprenticeship

Level 3

Course Overview

Part Time

Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals are creative, passionate, and driven professionals who work without supervision, managing themselves and others when required. They provide a quality service, whilst working to the highest standards and continuously developing their personal and professional skills. An Advanced and Creative Hair Professional works in the hair industry, which is one of the largest, most trusted and fashion forward professions.

They take ownership of their work and client lists, accept responsibility, are proactive, flexible and adaptable, plan their work and time, they aim for excellence by taking exceptional pride in their work and industry. The work environment can be varied in size, style and ambience, from a bespoke salon, the media industry, cruise ships, product houses and manufacturers to luxury high-end hair salon. They are highly skilled and experienced individual professionals who deliver hair fashion forward trends, which are innovative styles inspired by current images and their own creativity, individual flair, imagination and interpretation.

Delivery model and duration:
Training is delivered in the workplace and in college. Theory and practical sessions can be delivered once a month in college as well as monthly workplace assessments. This can be supported by some remote delivery if required.

Duration: 12 months plus 3 month End Point Assessment.

Ideal for:
• Creative Hair Stylist
• Advanced Senior Stylist
• Senior Hair Professional
• Specialist Technician

The apprenticeship will cover the following core areas:
• Demonstrating professionalism by maintaining confidentiality and discretion
• Researching fashion forward trends, using the results to create, plan and promote a collection of hairstyle looks that reflects their own individuality
• Analysing the factors that influence the design and creation of the collection of hairstyle looks, including the target audience
• Designing a range of looks to create a fashion forward collection of hairstyle looks
• Using and adapting a range of sectioning and cutting guidelines, creative and precision techniques and technical skills to create and enhance the collection of hairstyle looks
• Carrying out in-depth consultation and complex analysis of the hair
• Presenting, showcasing and promoting skills though a collection of hairstyle looks via a variety of media types and platforms
• Using and applying products, tools and equipment, in accordance with legal requirements, manufacturers’ instructions and salon policy

Benefits for learners:
• Receive training from experts with years of industry experience
• Become occupationally competent
• Build a strong foundation for a career in the hair industry

• Functional Skills English and
mathematics Level 2

Benefits to business:
• Train competent staff members
• Your employees will gain a standard Advanced Hair and Creative Professional qualification
• Learners will improve their knowledge, skills and behaviours

End Point Assessment
The End Point Assessment will test the entire Standard, and be undertaken as follows:
• Knowledge Test – an 80-minute multiple choice test consisting of 40 questions. The test is closed book which means that the apprentice cannot refer to reference books or materials.
• Observation & Questioning - this should take up to 5 hours and should cover the following:
- Create one precision cut and finish from their personal collection of hair style looks
- Complete one advanced creative colour conversion service on previously coloured hair
• Professional Discussion - a 45-minute discussion which must be appropriately structured to draw out the best of the apprentice’s competence and excellence and cover the KSBs assigned to this assessment method. It will involve questions that will focus on coverage of prior learning or activity and problem solving.

Unit Overview
Selection of

Researching fashion forward trends - The principles and stages of planning, researching and developing fashion forward trends, different media
types and platforms. How to promote fashion forward collection of hairstyle looks using a choice of media to target a specific market, individuals or
groups. How a collection of hairstyle looks can be used to promote individuals and salons. The legal responsibilities when using images

Sectioning and cutting guidelines - How and when to use sectioning and cutting guidelines. Different sectioning patterns to create round, square,
triangular shapes

Client consultation - Health & safety legislation, safe working practices and effective communication related to smoothing and strengthening
services. How to complete an in-depth complex analysis of the client hair and scalp for smoothing and strengthening services

Advanced colour conversion (correction) - Methods of applying and removing colour products. Methods of pre-softening and pre-pigmenting hair.
How to remove artificial colour/ bands of colour. How to recolour hair previously treated with lighteners using pre-pigmentation and permanent colour/
that has had artificial colour removed. The importance of restoring the hair’s pH balance after the colour correction service. The types and causes
of colour correction problems that may occur during processing and how to rectify them. How to correct highlights and lowlights whilst retaining a
highlight and lowlight effect. How to use creative sectioning techniques to personalise the colour result and enhance the finished look.

Selection of

Smoothing and Strengthening – Using and applying products, tools and equipment, to smooth and strengthen clients’ hair to the degree of
straightness required. Resolving problems that may occur during and after the hair smoothing and strengthening process. Using a range of products,
tools and equipment in accordance with legal requirements, manufacturers’ instructions and salon policy. Evaluating the results of the service and
providing advice on future services and products.

Creating a collection of hairstyle looks - Carrying out in-depth consultation and complex analysis of the client hair to plan, create and style the
collection of hairstyle looks. Maintaining effective and safe methods of working and effective communication whilst creating the collection of hair looks.
Using and adapting a range of technical skills to create a collection of hairstyle looks using sectioning and cutting guidelines to achieve the required
look. Using precision and personalised cutting techniques tailored to suit individual characteristics

Presenting a collection of hair looks - Presenting and promoting the collection internally using a visual medium. Evaluating the results of the
collection against the research results to improve further practice.

Creative Colour conversion - Providing a creative colour conversion service to change the depth and tone of the hair in accordance with legal
requirements and manufacturer’s instructions. Using creative sectioning techniques to personalise the colour result and enhance the finished look
through bespoke creative formulation, colour lending and shading and resolving problems that may occur during creative colour conversion service.

Selection of

Facilitates safe working practices – ensuring the safety of self and others, challenges safety issues

Problem solving - working to identify and ensure root causes are resolved, demonstrating a tenacious approach

Flexible and adaptable – being flexible to changing working environment and demands. Demonstrating and encouraging curiosity to foster new
ways of thinking and working.

Creativity - demonstrating individual flair and imagination using fashion forward trends in hair and approaches to their work.

Professional Development - promoting own professional development, embracing continual development and improvement

  • GCSE grades A-C (9-4) in English and maths and achievement of Hair Professional Level 2 Apprenticeship qualification.

  • Completers may want to progress to develop their career further in the hair industry

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