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English (Functional Skills)

English (Functional Skills)

Level M
Cheltenham Forest of Dean Gloucester

Course Overview

Part Time

If you are keen to improve your English and/or maths grades and are undecided about your career goals, then you may like to consider joining one of our adult Functional Skills English or maths classes. We can help you work towards the English and maths qualifications you need in order to progress onto a university, vocational or apprenticeship programme.

Improving your English and maths skills can help you become more confident in your work and daily life, and help you to prepare for further study or training. This well-established programme offers you the opportunity to improve your skills within a supportive and friendly atmosphere. The courses will be assessed through assessments and examinations.

For English qualifications there are a total of four formal assessments to be completed in order to attain the full qualification: reading, writing and two speaking and listening assessments.  For the maths qualification there is 1 formal assessment per Level which is split into calculator and non-calculator.

Students can progress through levels from Entry Level qualifications to Levels 1 and 2. The assessments are paper based at Entry Level and either on-line or paper based at Levels 1 and 2. During your time on the course, we’ll monitor your progress closely and work with you to adjust your level accordingly.

Classes run at various times across our three campuses as per table below (time slots are subject to change). Your level of English and/or maths, as well as group sizes may also have to be taken into consideration when determining which class times are available to you.

For January 2023 course start dates, you may have to join a group that has been running since the previous September.  Students with these later start dates, should  also be aware that particularly for English, with four assessments, this reduction in course length may mean you can only partially complete and you may need to re-apply to resume your studies the following September.

We also offer English & Maths Functional skills Online Click here to read more.

If English is not your first language we would recommend looking at our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course.

  • Student must be aged 19 or above at the start of the academic year. No qualifications are required, although you will need to be able to demonstrate that you are at least Entry Level 3 in English before embarking on Level 1 maths. You will need to complete an initial assessment to establish your level.  Students are unable to enrol directly on to the course.

  • By the end of the programme you should have: Gained a recognised qualification, helping you to gain access to further courses, training programmes and job opportunities. New skills to help you cope with maths or English at work and in everyday life.

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