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Engineering Facilities

Our engineering facilities in Gloucester and Cheltenham are well equipped, ensuring a learning experience that covers all aspects of industry training, from practical skills to theory, including advanced engineering maths, materials science, and project planning.

Engineering Facilities

Mechanical Engineering Workshops

Our Gloucester campus features practical mechanical engineering facilities, including large workshops equipped with conventional manual machines like lathes and milling machines, Additionally, we provide a variety of inspection and measuring equipment including a coordinate measuring machine. Our Computer Numerical Control (CNC) workshop houses 5 CNC machines and teaching controllers.

The Computer-Aided Design (CAD) classrooms are dedicated to teaching 2D drawing and 3D visualisation, complemented by 3D printing capabilities.

With our mechanical engineering facilities and expert teaching team, we offer a wide range of skills training, from basic hand fitting to advanced machining techniques.

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Laboratories

Our electronic engineering laboratories in Cheltenham assist our engineering students in the study, design, development, and application of electrical and electronic systems, components, and devices.

Equipped with a range of test and measurement equipment, electronic Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing facilities, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), and Mechatronics systems, these facilities play an important role in training Level 3 full-time students and apprentices, as well as Embedded Electronics degree apprentices, and they also will cater to the revised Level 4 HNC qualifications.

Oliver Blizzard

The Oliver Blizzard laboratories are named after the well-respected engineer and businessman at our Gloucester Campus. Here you’ll find the latest technology in electronics, mechatronics and control laboratory equipment allowing more learners to work with the University of West England and companies like GE Aviation, Renishaw, Poeton and Delphi. It has even been used to host a regional heat of the WorldSkills engineering competition.

Oliver Blizzard