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Construction Facilities

Our construction workshops are kitted out for the various building components our students will experience in the industry.

Construction Facilities

Plumbing and Electrical Workshops

In bays that replicate real-life ‘home’ scenarios, students can safely practice their complex trades under our expert supervision. You’ll find tools such as side cutters, wire strippers, plyers, slotted and Posi screwdrivers available in our workshops. Students will also carry out their assessments in these bays, having practised in them throughout their time at college.  

Carpentry Workshops

Our carpentry workshops are spacious areas designed to allow students to work with a range of different materials including softwood, mouldings and sheet materials. We have a vast selection of newly updated power tools including chop saws, jigsaws, routers and all things our students will come across in the industry. 

Carpentry Workshops

We also have a designated End Point Assessment area where apprentices will sit their practical exam at the end of the year. These are comfortable bays sectioned off to allow students the space to carry out their assessments, which is very different to an exam hall. These are great areas to carry out practical work with industry tools you will come across once finishing college to hone your skills.

Groundworks Facilities

At our Cheltenham Campus, our newly-built groundworks facilities allow students to complete assessments and gain practical experience. Students will get hands-on experience with cover drainage and bricklaying around manholes; paving; laying concrete; and servicing the ground and excavation. 

The size of the groundworks facility allows the area to replicate real industry and workplace elements that allow students to learn about site management. Students will gain practical skills in all weathers and climates as they work towards their End Point Assessments. 

Chancel Close: End Point Assessment Facilities

Our brand-new training centre for brickwork, carpentry, property maintenance and plumbing is located at Chancel Close in Gloucester. Students can expect well-stocked materials and new tools for all our courses in line with industry requirements. 

Trade apprentices will undergo their End Point Assessments in the 530-square-metre centre; consisting of eight carpentry bays, with additional space for cutting and preparing materials.