We have launched a new website and applicants will need to reset their password before accessing their account.  Reset your password.

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Online enrolment step one — confirm your personal details

Use the information and resources below for further information on what is required, as well as explanations, guidance and how-to videos on this enrolment step.


Why do we need your personal details?

When you apply to Gloucestershire College we only ask you for the basic personal information that is required to create a student record.

For enrolment, we need additional personal information to complete your student record and meet the requirements set out by the government.

Please be assured that our online enrolment systems are safe and secure, so all information you provide is confidential and handled in line with the relevant GC policies.

Why do we need your personal details?

Online Enrolment Portal

Watch our 'GC Online Enrolment - Confirming Your Personal Details' video for instructions on how to confirm your personal details.

Some useful hints and tips before confirming your personal details through our online enrolment portal:

  • Our Admissions Team will send you an email and SMS with your online enrolment portal link and your personal username. Follow the link to create a password.
  • Before you get started, you may need any official documentation to hand such as your passport or birth certificate.
  • Remember… it is always best to take your time, read and understand what is being asked of you (hover over tips where applicable for extra information) and get it right first time!

What's next?

Make sure you have everything ready to start your course by checking communications we have sent to you throughout the application process, including course fees and financial assistance.
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