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How Your Application will be Assessed

Find out how we check your course application and what additional assessments may be needed.  

If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please take a look at our FAQs.  

How Your Application will be Assessed

How We Check Your Application

Every application is checked for eligibility on the course you’ve applied for. It is the applicant’s responsibility to apply for a course they are eligible to study however we understand this can sometimes be a little confusing.  

Therefore, we check if you meet the below criteria. 

Age Criteria

Some of our courses will have age restrictions due to government funding or appropriate learning environments. 

Home Student Status

We don’t provide student visas for international students. If you have been in the UK for less than three years, we will ask to see your UK residency status and your right to study in the UK.

Practical and Technical Knowledge

Some of our Level 3 courses will require you to complete a Level 2 qualification first. This will be stated in the course entry criteria.

Student Conduct Criteria

If you’ve studied with us before we may take a look at your student record and refer to a previous Head of School or safeguarding team. 

Additional Assessments

In some cases, additional assessments are required.  

Supporting the Adult Nursing Team T level

Due to the nature of this course and the work placement involved we hold selective interviews to determine an applicant’s suitability and aptitude for the course. You’ll need to complete an online pre-interview activity before we can invite you to interview. The interview itself will be virtual via Microsoft Teams with the course lead and a member of our employability team. 

Popular Courses

We’ll check our application numbers once our recommended application date (31 March) has passed. 

If we have received an exceptionally high number of applications for a course/s and are reaching capacity we may add a mandatory assessment day for applicants to attend and/or remove this course from the website to prevent further applications. If this is the case for the course you have applied for, we will send you an email and text with further instructions and information. 

Please be reassured this may only impact a small number of courses.